1. LOVE it! this is my favorite version of your bedroom- i love the neutrals, brass skull, and leopard! emmy has that bedding and we love it! great choices and look!

    1. Oh yes!!! I forgot that Emmy has the bedding too. I truly love it!

  2. Your bedroom looks great, Julia! The black and bedding compliments everything in your room nicely. We don’t like using the top sheets either. I cracked up when I read that yours go straight to the paint cover!

    1. Thanks Brandi I’m never short of paint covers in my house 😉

    2. Our kids don’t use a top sheet either so I put both the top and bottom on the bed and tuck the top sheet around the top of the bed. Then I let them sleep ontop of the top sheet for a week- then rip the top sheet off to reveal the fitted sheet below and put a new set of their favorite blankets on the bed and voila – pretty much new sheets on the bed weekly and I only actually have to change the sheets twice a month.

  3. Oh my! I had no idea that you could buy sheets individually. I hate top sheets as well! So funny. Also, I ADORE that rug and the bedding. It looks amazing. I really love how you are able to change your room for the different seasons. It keeps it fresh and fun.

    1. I should be working on my stairs instead of refreshing my bedroom but this is so much more fun 😉 and thanks so much. I do love changing this up all the time for sure.

  4. Love the new look. Everything complements each other so beautifully and looks very polished.

  5. Wow..Is that a REAL tree on the bedside table? Great idea!

    1. Nope it’s actually not a real tree Carol. I’ve had it for a really really long time and it is from the former Bombay Company. It’ looks real though and I love it. It’s perfect for our high bedroom ceilings.

  6. Gorgeous! I love the neutrals so, so much! And that rug is to die for. That’s so funny- I can’t sleep WITHOUT a top sheet. Send yours to me! 😉

    1. Thanks Shannon, the worst is when the sheet is tucked in tightly at the bottom and I can’t get my legs to hang out. My kids hate that too.

    1. It truly is awesome bedding and goes perfectly with my new love aka the rug.

  7. Love all the patterns and textures. ..we crazy to change things around so often, but you are right, that’s the fun part. My friends always think I am crazy, but hey…crazy is good, right?:-) Your new rug rocks my friend!

    1. Thanks Aniko, we are crazy but that’s ok, right?

  8. Mignonne Bakker says:

    love the room, where did you get the bed side tables. I’am need some and these are exactly what I’am looking for.

    1. Hi Mignonne, They are from Ikea and I linked to them at the end of the post.

  9. Hi Julia,

    I love your room!!! And I like how that brass skull complements your leopard pillow! So wild yet so classy!

    1. Thanks Corey, I wish I would be wild and classy too LOL

  10. I love all the black and white! And that rug! so beautiful, and it looks like it will be so cozy in there for winter; it looks perfect against the new floors.

    1. Thanks Gretchen. The rug makes if perfectly cozy for sure.

    1. Thanks so much Trisha!!!

  11. Where did you get the table lamps? I love them!

    1. Hi Courtney. I bought the lamp at Bombay Company a long time ago. It looks silver in the photos but is almost like a mixture between gold and silver. Sometimes it looks gold and sometimes it looks silver. This lamp here: http://rstyle.me/~7nkYg is the closest to it I could find. Sorry I can’t help you more.

      1. Thank you so much for getting back to me! I love the urn shape of the lamp. I’m going to tell everyone about your website – I love it!!

  12. I love your rug! Where did you get it?

    1. My rug is actually an original Beni Ourain rug from a shop in my German home town who also has a 1stDibs shop online.

  13. Kelly Sharrow says:

    What is the paint color? I love it!!!

    1. Hi, it’s Rocky Bluffs by Valspar

  14. I love it, it´s beautiful!!!
    I am currently looking for new (and awesome 😉 ) ideas for my new bedroom… and I have to say, it is not so easy to choose! 🙂

    Anyway, I´ve found so much great stuff on your blog! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    Best regards from Germany,


    1. Vielen Dank Julia! Ich find in Deutschland ist es noch schwerer schöne Möbel zubinden als hier. Meine Schwägerin schimpft immer. And thank you for the kind words about my blog. I really appreciate it 😉

  15. Really like the look of this room! Curious what the rooms dimensions are?

  16. Oh Julia, it`s been a while 😉
    Your bedroom looks great! So cozy and fresh, I just want to snuggle in this bed. 😉
    Wirklich sehr gemütlich!

    1. Oh hallo Lydia! Yes it’s been a while! How are you? Und vielen vielen Dank

    1. Oh hi there Erin! Thanks so so much

  17. Could you PLEASE share where the love seat at the foot of the bed is from? I love it!! I did not see any links for it

    1. Just emailed you back earlier. Good luck

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