1. The sleepover sounds like a you will have a very busy, interesting and FUN time!
    I love the way you carried in that great blue color. Very clever money saving ideas!

  2. love this mood board! i never find anything good on craigslist. been dying to find chairs with the bamboo accents and can’t.

    i have a question: i am trying to recover a mid century modern chair i just bought. i am in fabric hell- just cannot figure out what i want. of course the 3 i love are the most expensive. anyway i have light grey walls (moonshine) and a dark grey couch. i was thinking about making the chair the same blue that you used- i already have it as an accent color in two pillows on the couch (one with a knit squirrel from target!!! and the other swirly one from west elm.) i don’t know if it would be too much to have it in a chair or if i should just make the chair a grey print and keep the teal as an accent (was also thinking about getting a teal tray for the coffee table.) any advice would be much appreciated! (sorry this was so long!)

    1. i should say i was considering both the blue west elm fabrics you listed: the lagoon performance velvet and the honeycomb in lagoon. but they take a really long time to get!

    2. If you use a grey print on the chair that’s totally ok but if you like to mix it up a bit you can’t go wrong with using a little color on the chair.
      It’s hard to tell when I can’t see it in front of me 😉

    3. thank you! i was just worried it was too much grey. picking a fabric is so hard! i’ve looked at 1000s and still can’t decide! (i can always send you pictures 😉 lol)

  3. Hallo Christine, freut mich von einer Landsfrau zuhören. Ich bin aus Lohr am Main und das ist ja nicht weit weg von Kitzingen! Ich wollte auch immer nix rumliegen haben.
    Wie lange bist Du denn schon im Lande?
    Ich wollte auch vor langer Zeit in Californien landen. Hat aber leider nicht funktioniert.
    Bis bald (hoffentlich 😉 Julia

  4. Ich bin schon seit 17 Jahren hier. Hab aber immer noch manchmal Heimweh. Deswegen versuche ich einmal im Jahr mit Kindern hinzufahren.
    Ja bei uns ist es sehr kalt hier im Winter. Wir wohnen 10 Minuten von einem kleinen Skigebiet entfernt. Ist schön.
    Amerika hat mich zu Tischlandschaften bewegt 😉 haha!

  5. Love the TV nook and the sectional very much too! 🙂 good luck with the sleepover today & wish a happy birthday for your little one! 🙂

  6. Lovely! Every time i see a dresser like that painted white i want to paint my dresser white! it sits in my living room under my tv.

  7. Amy Olszewski says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Ihrem kleinen alien! Did I get that somewhat right? Boy do I sympathize with you…broken VW van, and racking up the vet bills with our ailing 14 year old doggie. Gorgeous mood board. I am a huge fan of that blue with a nice pop of white against it. Beautiful job! Good luck with the creatures! Guten Tag!! Amy

  8. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile says:

    Very pretty! Love the Craigslist finds you found! Hope you have fun at the sleepover 🙂

  9. Love the blue! And that animal head, and the sofa, and well, pretty much everything. 🙂

  10. Oh I don’t envy you with the sleepover…you’ll need another vacation after that! I just bought a fiddle leaf to hide a wall air conditioner in my studio, and it worked perfectly!

  11. Um, yeah, I want that dresser too! I love that you found her some great things on CL, and I’m sure she’s thrilled with the plan. It’s beautiful! Hope you survived the sleepover, it looked really cute!

  12. I’ve always loved those striped curtains. I want to use them somewhere in my house. Hope your daughter had a great time at her party.

  13. My link to the tv nook wouldn’t work! Could you please tell me the color and brand of blue paint you used? I love it!!!
    Thank you,

  14. My link to the tv nook wouldn’t work! Could you please tell me the color and brand of blue paint you used? I love it!!!
    Thank you,

    1. The link to the TV nook goes to the rhino head. We didn’t decide on a specific paint color yet. Sorry!

  15. Hi Julia, I love your designs and you whole blog!! You are always so sweet and cheery. I am a new blogger and I would love to know what program you use for designing mood boards. Do you use photoshop or something else? I love the gold and deep teal! Thanks!

    1. Thanks and hi Summer and nice to meet you. Yes, I use Photoshop for my mood boards 🙂

  16. Thanks so much for getting back to me! Sorry, I thought my blog photo would come up but this is an old one 🙁 Can you tell I’m having technical difficulty 🙂 My site is http://www.simplestylings.com. There is just a little bit up so far but hope to “launch” it in the next couple. Hope you will stop by sometime. I love your home 🙂

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