1. So cute Julia and I always love your attention to detail. The actual orchid is gorgeous and I love you ghost chair too. I am definitely headed to The Container Store to get that acrylic box 🙂 And I can’t wait to try those paint brush covers! I was SO excited when Emily A Clark posted about them!

  2. I agree that something was missing and this project completely finished the piece. Love your styling, too!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. LOVE this! I have a secretary desk that was my husband’s grandfather’s which his mother painstakingly stripped and refinished years ago. I have always wanted to do something to it but did not want to offend her…. I am so doing this, it’s the perfect solution. and yours in radiant orchis is to die for, well done!

  4. This is lovely! And your styling is so fabulous. I obviously was a little liberal with my interpretation of “radiant orchid” and didn’t get the exact color 🙂 It adds so much interest to that desk and just rocketed it from a straight up vintage piece to a perfect old/new mix. Beautiful work!

  5. you rocked that colour Julia! I am not much for radiant orchid by I could definitely see using it like you did. Amazing. by the way – I just discovered that I’ve been a no-reply for about a month, just in case you were wondering where all the mysterious comments were coming from 😉

  6. That is such a cool makeover. I love that you were able to get some fun into the desk, while still keeping the wood color on the outside. It is really fantastic looking 🙂

  7. The colour looks great. The desk insert with the new colours gives the desk a lot more interest. Lovely!

  8. This is perfect! Love the little surprise when you open the desk, and even though it isn’t my favorite color, I can totally appreciate it in little touches like this! I love the styling as well!

  9. How awesome is this?! I love how you have a fun pop of color with the traditional desk…such a great and unexpected combo!

  10. Love the little pop of color! It definitely adds a little something-something.

  11. It is lovely Julia! I love that you just added small doses of Radiant Orchid. Before I clicked on the full post I had visions of an entire secretary painted that color! What a fun project to collaborate on!

  12. Oh you are so clever!! I love it, and that it’s so easy to change up when you’re ready for something new!

  13. Ok seriously shut up!!! Honestly I’m not a fan of the color and all these projects are so good but seriously it’s like this color was just waiting for your secretary!!!! Looks awesome!

  14. I love the white and the Radiant Orchid together. It’s just what the desk needed–so pretty!

  15. Great job – looks really good. I was happy to see the use of the paint brush cover – the guys that developed this were on Shark Tank this past Friday night. They are so cute and 100% NYC guys. I was very impressed if it really works that well and you just confirmed it. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Such a beautiful job! I’m not a huge fan of purple but this is perfect! It looks so great with all the black and white in the hall and that insanely rich wood tone! Gorgeous!

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