1. Those bowls are my favorite thing ever! We almost bought a nose glasses holder like that for Ari a couple of years ago for Christmas, but it was sold out on Amazon. So maybe they’re at least harder to get here than in Germany 🙂 At any rate, love it!

    1. It’s reversed, they are harder to get in Germany than here LOL

  2. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Oh my word, that tassel is amazing and those bowls are so much fun too. I think the nose for glasses has to be my favorite though.

    1. I hope my hubby will use it too

  3. Esther Books says:

    I love those ‘Tassen’ with the faces! Where did you get them?

    1. I bought them in Germany but I linked to some here in my other post

  4. LOVE the tassel! Enjoy your time at home now ~ 🙂

    1. Thank you I will try to do just that

  5. Pam Comer says:

    I can certainly see why you’d be emotional about leaving family, particularly at this time. I hope you enjoy some alone time with the kids back in school. I also hope you can facetime or skype with your German family on a regular basis.

    1. Oh we do FaceTime and Skype yes. Thank heaven for technology

  6. aussiebushgirl says:

    Welcome home, Julia! I totally get where you’re coming from, where family is concerned, as I find myself experiencing similar emotions whenever I visit mine. You bought some wonderful goodies (as usual), and I think I am drooling over those “Tassen” bowls! They are divine! Love the nose too, and because I can never find my own reading glasses when I need them, maybe this will solve the problem! Great to catch up again. Love, heather x

    1. Hey there Heather, thanks for the blog visit. Glad you are still around

  7. Tanja Giammetta says:

    Ich bin auch eine Deutsche, die in Nazareth gestrandet ist und ich glaube ich verstehe, was du meinst. So schön der Urlaub zu hause auch ist, emotionell ist es ganz schön anstrengend. Über “hostile territory” musste ich wirklich lachen, so empfinde ich die Familie meines Mannes auch.
    Die Schüsseln, die du mitgebracht hast sind total cool, überhaupt gefällt mir dein Stil. Ich bin zum erstmal seit 22 Jahren sesshaft und von Stil kann bei mir keine Rede sein aber ich arbeite dran. Wünsche dir einen geruhsamen Start ins neue Schuljahr und das sich das Leben hier schnell wieder einpendelt.

  8. I’m an American living in Austria, so I went the opposite direction, but can completely relate to some of your feelings. I love being back in the States, but I’m such a different person now, and only other expats can truly understand. I always say that I have one foot in the US and one in Europe, and that will probably never change. It’s hard for me to feel completely “at home” in either place now. And people who have never left their home can’t possibly understand how it is to have your heard in two different places.

  9. OK so real talk – do the cats play with the tassel?
    Love the finds!

    1. Nope they don’t. They are old ladies and could care less 😉

  10. Kevin E. Brown says:

    Hi Julia! The tassel is awesome and those bowls are so fun. They make me jealous of you. Haha. Just enjoy your design. Thanks for sharing.

  11. That tassel is amazing and those bowls are so much fun. Just enjoy your design. Thanks for sharing useful information and I’m looking forward to reading new post.

  12. Pete East says:

    Those are some intriguingly quirky pieces I sure would love to have 😉

    Shades Nepal

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