1. how are you going to choose?!?!? so many great options! i love the black and white line ones. and i vote chair rail- i am usually not a chair rail person but in this space it kind of takes it up a notch i think,

    1. I’m so torn about the chair rail.

  2. Beautiful choices – I like best the black and white combinations. My favorite is the ThinkNoir (second black&white option). I like how the pattern of the paper goes well with the mirror’s shape. I also like that the wall paper is just in the upper half. It looks very classy!

    1. I love the black and white too. I think it will always be my number one choice

  3. Great choices Julia. I agree with Ale I love the Think Noir geometric print and chair rail option. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

    1. I’m totally torn about the chair rail. I just don’t know yet 😉

      1. I understand If you’re hesitant better go with your gut. You have a great sense of style!!

  4. Esther Books says:

    I love all the black and white ones… I just registered for an Etsy account – Greg better hide my credit cards.

    1. Look out 😉 Hope you have as much fun shopping on Etsy as I do.

  5. Hi. What do you use to create your mood boards? They are all lovely!

    1. I use Photoshop and thanks so much.

    1. The chair rail is out for good because of how the vanity is wedged against the wall

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