1. Oh It just switched over automatically on Bloglovin. Neat. Congrats on your new address Julia 🙂 Love to follow along on your styling as it changes with time. So cool!!

  2. Woah! Crazy how small changes can make BIG differences. It’s so amazing to see how involved you are with continually updating a room. I’m inspired <3

  3. How interesting to see all the different looks! To see them all together is very clever and

    So interesting to see all four images together.

  4. You know that I am constantly changing things around our house. It’s fun! I am always surprised how many different ways the same room can look by changing a few items!

  5. I love to see the progression of a room. Isn’t it funny how our preferences change with the years and the seasons!

  6. this is amazing!! It changes so much with so little. All of your versions of your bedroom are beautiful and am not sure which one I love best. Your current situation s pretty fabulous.

  7. Wow! Such a difference over time! The chaise and the rug (dark-light) totally revamped the room. Love all the touches that you have put it. Gorgeous!

  8. So fun to see how things change over time! It took me a minute to realize you were going backwards instead of forwards….until I saw the chaise turn brown again 😉

  9. Love your bedroom Julia! It’s amazing what a difference it makes to just change out a few things.

  10. I would love to know where you got your bed! I think that might be the perfect mix of masculine and glam for my husband and I!

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