1. Oh wow Julia, the colors on the nightstand are so fun. Such a beautiful makeover. Hope you enjoy your vacation.

  2. Would love to find a nightstand like that for my bedroom. Awesome! I’m going to snoop on your blog for more views of your son’s room…it looks fun and bright!

    1. Ha, I need to link some more of his room photos I think. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. I love this!! What an awesome transformation! I love that you painted the whole thing. Way to blend modern and sophisticated with fun and child friendly!

  4. First….a globe that big for $6? that is a crazy, crazy deal. Second…the nightstand looks really fantastic, I wouldn’t have thought blue and orange would really ‘go’ but you made it work like nobody’s business. Third…how did you like the orange spray paint? I have some hot pink spray paint – the same brand- and I have had nothing but issues with it. Every time I haul it out the project ends up being a disaster – the coverage is horrible.

    1. Thanks.
      It is a little tough to get coverage. I first used metal primer which didn’t work out well. After using my favorite Kilz spray primer things went well . But I didn’t have a big surface to cover either.

    1. I hope so too. But sometimes I have the feeling that he just doesn’t really care 😉
      And thanks Pam.

  5. It looks fantastic! I was pretty scared when I saw the spray paint colors, but relieved when I saw they were only accents, lol. I love the way it looks with the bed too. I never would have thought of the combo. Your style is amazing!

  6. Wow! I love it! You got a great piece…now it looks smokin HOT! Have a nice min break!

  7. Wow! That looks great–it’s perfect for a boy! Have a good holiday weekend 🙂

  8. You you know how I adore neon!! Great job Julia. It’s the perfect addition to your sons room!

  9. beautiful! LOVE it! love how you transformed it! you did an amazing job with the nightstand! lately I’ve been liking the color orange too! I think it’s because of my son’s toys! 🙂 About the camera, I have a Canon rebel and it’s been over 3 months now that I haven’t been able to take clear pictures; my son dropped it from our kitchen table and it has not been the same either! like you, would love to know if I can fix it or not! Enjoy your time off Julia! 🙂

  10. His little side table looks darling! I love the mixture of colors you choose and works so well with its lines and shows off the details!

  11. I had a few minutes on my hands and I was dying to check out what you did with this nightstand after seeing the before on your FB. Oh my gosh, I just love it. Super creative with the orange and gold ascents and that globe is a great find! Enjoy your vacation and memorial day holiday!

  12. I had been waiting to see what you ended up doing with the nightstand. I love it, Julia! (Especially the little peek of gold!) And it looks terrific paired with the(envy inducing)antique bed.

  13. I love the contrast too honey!!!! That space is a happy space! You have such a great eye for design 🙂
    Enjoy your break!

  14. This turned out SO AMAZING Julia!! I just adore the colors you chose and the gold on the bottom makes it look so luxe. Just fabulous!

  15. Love it! I’ll hopefully be painting a few dressers for my boyfriend’s sons soon (once I find them). Great way to keep it classy yet still masculine and “cool”!

  16. Wow was für eine Veränderung, sieht echt grandios aus!
    Das Bau ist super mit dem Orange,
    Daumen hoch;))

  17. Another amazing makeover, Julia! Looks fabulous with the rest of the awesome room!

  18. amykristinteriors.com says:

    Hallo. Wie geht’s dir? So nice to see a proud German out there. I am married to an “alien” and learning German along with my two kids. Your room is gorgeous!! I love the colors and the modern fresh look! Amazing!

  19. Hi Julia! I found your blog through Emily A. Clark’s Kids’ Spaces link-up. I love the color combination you used on this dresser. I would never think to use a neon color, but love it. I posted a link to your room on my blog. {http://thirdandpatterson.blogspot.com/2013/07/kids-spaces-link-up-party.html} Really enjoying your blog!

    P.S. I was born in Stuttgart 🙂

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