1. their containers are BEAUTIFUL!!!! wow! i think the metallic fennel & fig is calling me, but love the look of the icon collection, too.

  2. Tracy Rizzo says:

    Beautiful candles! I love the elephant one.

  3. Those candles are gorgeous! I absolutely love how sleek they look. The animal skin print is perfect for my living room. Could you give a description of the scents you received? I too am very adverse to overly scented products and would to hear more about the scents offered.

    1. Here are the scents Maureen: They are all similar subtle scents with a hint of flowers. Silver pineapple – white tea and mint, giraffe print – lotus and lilly scent, black pineapple – lotus and lilly scent, white pineapple – wildflower scent, joy – sugar plum, elephant – serene shower. They are so good

  4. Lulu Chiyenge says:

    I love the candles from the elephant collection… I’m just crazy about all things elephant!

  5. Oh gosh – these are so beautiful!!! I don’t think candles can get any more beautiful than those metallic pineapples, but I also love the black and white “Glowing Embers” design!

  6. Amanda Calabrese says:

    Gorgeous candles! I love them all but I think my favorite is the White Tea & Mint Silver Pineapple.

  7. I love these candles. The elephant is my favorite.

  8. Gorgeous! I especially love the pineapples. They especially say ‘welcome’ here in the south. Happy holidays to you and your family!

  9. Adrianne Hurtig says:

    How could one choose! Great candlelight, containers…and I remember reading blog age you bought the tray…I think your mom was visiting.

    1. Yes you have a good memory, I bought it when my mom was here.

  10. Love the containers. What are the scents?

    1. They are all similar subtle scents Linda with a hint of flowers. Silver pineapple – white tea and mint, giraffe print – lotus and lilly scent, black pineapple – lotus and lilly scent, white pineapple – wildflower scent, joy – sugar plum, elephant – serene shower. They are so good

  11. All the candles are beautiful but love those pineapple ones!

  12. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    I !ove all, but the elephant is my favorite.

  13. I love them all! Especially the pineapple.

  14. Fantastic Look! Would love any or all in my home.

  15. I love the pineapple candles!

  16. Loving the pineapple candles. So elegant!

  17. Amazing. The containers are so beautiful. I’m definitely eyeing that elephant one.

  18. stephanie says:

    Love Love Love your style! This is another post I’d love to try and emulate, so pretty!

  19. Diva Kreszl says:

    Thank you for introducing me to this new line of candles! I too prefer lightly scented candles and gave up wearing perfume several years ago. There are so many lovely ones to pick but right now I would pick the pineapple as I have a friend who collects this u iversal symbol of welcome. I just love your Christmas decor, it is simply elegant!

  20. So beautiful and hard to decide. I think I would have to go with the silver or white pineapple.

  21. so cute. love the lotus and lily white elephant.

  22. My favorite is the pineapple.

  23. Lovely candles! Loving the Buddha and black pineapple candle.

  24. I love the cool metallic shapes….I bet they smell wonderful!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  25. Would love a Buddha fly my daughter, the yoga teacher.

  26. I LOVE the gold pineapple!

  27. The snake skin collection is fabulous! Love these candles.

  28. I am a sucker for Elephants. Love the simplicity of the, Lotus & Lily White Elephant.

  29. Absolutely lovely candles!!!

  30. Love these for gifting year round! I especially love the elegance of the black and white pineapples. Happy holidays to you and your family!

    1. Thanks Norah, I agree about the gifting. I’d always be happy if someone would give me a candle. You can’t go wrong

  31. I’m loving the cooler toned pineapples! Especially the black one! I think we all have enough white and gold ones by now (we still love them though). I adore the elephant as well. I like how you incorporated these into your holiday decor and can I just say, that floral arrangement is spectacular!

    ~Rieka {www.livinglifestyledblog.com}

    1. Thank you! I love making flower arrangements and our local produce place is so affordable.

  32. Beautiful candles, I love them all! Really enjoy your blog, Julia.

  33. They are all gorgeous candles! I really like the snake skin collection and would love to try the Juniper and Jasmine scent.

  34. Definitely the white pineapple!

  35. Tough to choose just one, but I am drawn to the elephant candles because elephants are one of my youngest daughter’s favorite animal and they are just also so unique. But I’m also drawn to the Buddha for myself. again, unique choice for candle holder.

  36. Wow, such an exciting collection of both scents and containers as well…what more can I ask for? !!! Love the lotus and lily as well as juniper and jasmine scents.

  37. Love the look of all the candles and am sure the scents are just as lovely. Love the pineapples and elephant.

  38. I love the silver elephant! Your living room is so gorgeous! Happy holidays!

    1. Thanks Katja. Miss you!

  39. Claudia Lea says:

    If I remember correctly about which perfume your mom used to wear, Lisette and I both still wear it. It reminds me of her and my times in your home, and makes me feel more pulled together (like her!). =)

    1. Haha, do you mean tresor? That was one of them but I could handle that one and had it for a while too. Now she wears tresor la nuit. Yuck!

  40. Would love to win one of the beautiful candles.
    They sound lovely.

  41. carol clark says:

    silver pineapple – white tea and mint

  42. My favorite is the white pineapple candle.

  43. Beautiful flower arrangement and only $10! The pineapple collection is my favorite.

  44. definitely the elephant!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!

  45. Because of the season, I was immediately drawn to the Red Santa Sugar Plum candle, but it’s out of stock. No problem, I’m also loving the Spruce and Fir Reindeer candle – I adore the scent of fresh cut Christmas trees!

  46. The containers are gorgeous!

  47. Their Christmas Candles are adorable. I really like the Fireside Santa Candle.

  48. Simply beautiful, you are oh so Gifted!!

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