1. Marty Oravetz says:

    Love those chairs too. So sorry they didn’t work.

    1. I’m so glad I tried them out in our room though because otherwise I would have always wondered about them

  2. Julia all this tech stuff is the bane of my existence too. Hope all those woes are behind you! Those chairs are so fun….but I would have been irked by the arms too. You’ll find something else for that spot that will be perfect!

    1. I’m not out of the woods with the technical stuff but hopefully soon.

  3. Love your chubby cat! And I share the feeling of “eat all the food!” The gray chairs were amazing. Hopefully they will find a room soon. I need to make a Marshall’s run to see a large Chinese brush. Thanks for showcasing it. Glad you are back!

    1. I know, I love eating everything in my way too. I just ordered another Chinese brush in blue and white

  4. Too bad the chairs did not work out..such a great deal. However you are right..way to many chairs in that room.
    Good luck with kitty’s portion control. I fat cat rules the house and she does not stop complaining until she gets fed..at 130 a.m and 5 a.m and 10 a.m and 2pm .My husband has created a monster!!

    1. Oh wow, that is a lot of getting up to feed the kitty. Our Maya bites me in the morning when she wants food and it does drive me crazy

  5. Shelly Mathes says:

    Loved those new chairs but they were not for that room, I can see why your daughter liked them though! That is some brush, perfect! Good job on finding that. I couldn’t get anything but a blank page when I tried to open my email with your blog posting so I just went out on my browser and got in that way, just in case you might want to know. Glad you are doing okay Julia!

    1. Thanks again for letting me know. I wonder why that happened.

  6. I’m trying to picture your whole living room…Is there a way to rearrange all your chairs and sofas
    without dividing the room? I once had a long narrow living room and it was a problem. Just asking.

  7. I’ve had that exact same problem on m blog, so frustrating when technology works against you. Love the chairs by the way. Homegoods is my favorite but I sometimes have trouble finding a mathcing pair. You got lucky!

    1. I did get lucky. So sad it didn’t work out

  8. aww–too bad those fabulous chairs didn’t work…..but I agree there were an awful lot of chairs in that shot looking back toward the fireplace. It’s always sad when you can’t make something you love work in your space, but better than trying to force it!

    1. Still trying to find that special pieces that makes me happy 😉

  9. Varsha| IndividualHouse says:

    The chairs look good and I wonder why it didn’t work for you. And to fill the void, the wooden die-look-alike is awesome by the way. Waiting to see how you shift things all over the house again!!

    1. It just was too crowded with too many chairs

  10. Varsha| IndividualHouse says:

    PS: I love the tassels DIY.. I’m so in love with the jean pouf tassels 🙂

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