1. Bethany, you are my kind of girl! Loved reading the stories about your much loved pets! They are all so cute and sweet. Little Winston just melts my heart. And you and I need to swap horse stories over a bottle of wine some time – I had a harrowing one where our horse trailer got disconnected from our truck as we were going down 95 and we watched it pass us in the lane next to us. The trailer crashed and crazily the horses ended up ok, just like yours did. Thanks for the great series Julia and hope you girls have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I always love seeing all of the Powell Brower’s pets! Each one has such a lovely story, I truly think that the family is made up of a bunch of angels to give these pets such a loving home. Any woman who would jump out of a trailer for her horse and adopt a paralyzed puppy that no one else wants…it makes me cry! God bless you Bethany and all your beautiful animals!

    1. You have truly spoken what I think as well. I wish there would be more people like them.

  3. Thank you for “Living Pretty with your Pets”. I love reading this every Friday. Pets are such a joy and a wonderful part of our life.

    1. I am so glad you like it. It’s definitely a series that is either loved or totally hated by readers.
      Have a great weekend Debra.

  4. Bethany is truly an amazing person and my heart just melts knowing how much she cares for her pets. I also believe the Woodrow Wilson quote. Animals can definitely sense good people! Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post! I love this series!

  5. Wow! The Thomas the Pony story might make this the most exciting edition of Living Pretty With Your Pets ever! And you know I’m always up for a beagle story–heading over now 🙂

  6. This might be the sweetest story yet!! What a triumph for sweet Winston and I’m sure he gives back even more! Thomas’ story is awesome too! As always a great series Julia and I loved learning about Bethany!

  7. Bethany….I LOVE YOU! Reading this just made me cry because I know how much you love your babies and how much they are your world 🙂

  8. Hi Julia,
    I adore Bethany and Nancy and the whole fur herd! Those animals are blessed to have found their way into their hearts and homes. I am so glad for the introduction to your wonderful series. I’ll be a regular reader.
    Bethany, you sweet angel. Of course you jumped out of a trailer to get to a pony. What a terrifying ordeal! I’m so happy that it turned out like it did and that he’s lived a happy life with your wonderful family. I can tell you that I would have done the same thing without a thought…our animals are our children. I fell in love with each of the Powell/Brower babies as you shared them with us. I absolutely loved that you shared even more about them in this special post. I would squeeze the crap out of you if I could! Hugs, hugs and more hugs to you and the babies.

  9. Oh my goodness, Bethany’s huge heart for animals is unmatched! I’ve read Winston’s story, but had no idea about Thomas. These heartwarming stories are always so touching. love the series Julia!

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