1. i felt the same way as carmel- not ready to have another dog in our lives after losing charlie. but this summer has shown me our family needs it- sawyer especially. i have also seen our jake start to seem more tired and old…. even though he’s still fit as ever. he looks lonely and sad sometimes to me. looks like sunday we will remedy all of that and patch the hole in our hearts. 🙂 loved reading this- i just adore carmel. she’s one of the sweetest bloggers i know (and probably one of the most beautiful as well!)

  2. Having lost my one baby this year and the second fur baby being 14 y.o., I’m finding my family discussing more and more what type of fur baby will come into our lives next. I, like Carmel, think it’ll soften the blow. 🙁

  3. Gandalf is a adorable–I love a scruffy dog! Losing dogs is so, so hard….it always seems so unfair how short their lives are 🙁

  4. What a lovely story and love to get to know Carmel a bit more- love her blog! Her pups are adorable, and the love they bring can only enrich lives, even when you think you can’t love another one like the one you lost! A new dog, a new love…and so the story continues. I just wish pets lived longer. Ive had dozens in my life and I guess I got used to getting attached and them leaving when my mom raised Basset Hounds in the 70’s and we had litters of puppies continually and of course I wanted to keep them all and would get attached against mom’s warnings. A puppy cures anything! Have a great weekend ladies! xo Nancy

  5. What a great series! I love Carmel and her style and her pups. We also lost a basset hound earlier this summer and it was so tough, I still miss him. I did notice that you were basset-free on your series, Fletcher would more than happy to volunteer. I am sure he considers himself to be very trend-setting! 🙂

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