1. ok i’m crying….. i am such a sap. it makes me sad to think there won’t be years worth of pictures like that one of nalle with the boys recreated. 🙁 he’s such a beautiful dog, and i love anu!

  2. Oh my goodness what a precious dog and family!! That last photo is just beautiful. I love this series!!

  3. Oh my, I’m in tears too! I have a huge soft spot for Goldens, what a sweetheart Nalle is, our Rio has many of the same characteristics. Loved your story and photos, Anu!

  4. Love Nalle! I never knew what his name meant before….what a great story about it :). And pee-mail–lol!

  5. I completely agree on that last photo, such a cute and special little moment. Pets and babies together are priceless!

  6. Nalle is so handsome and I would love to give him a big kiss and hug. Your little boys are adorable, too. I’m sure Nalle loves them very much. Thanks for sharing your fur-angel with us.

  7. Oh, how I adore the last photo too. So fun to find out the meaning behind her blog.

  8. So many great pictures of Nalle. It was so great to get to know more about him and of course I LOVE me some Anu and her awesome designs!

  9. Love Anu! She really is amazing and inspiring! Nalle is exactly like our girls. They are so good with our kids but completely indifferent to them as well! Too funny!

  10. Love your Friday series Julia and what a precious dog and his family:-)

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