1. Such a cute pup family and gorgeous house of course!

  2. Beth, I am so very sorry for your loss of your Dad. Your home, you and your pets are all so gorgeous, and I happen to think that you are an amazing pet photographer! That bed cartoon looks like our house,and really made me laugh.We have four rescue cats and a rescue dog. I too suffer from seasonal depression and they rescue me!

  3. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I have known and loved a couple Poms myself…… and yours are so beautiful. I especially love the pic of them (the Christmas photo) on the sofa. And you have white…. with that I can just say I am seriously amazed. Nothing in my house stays even close to clean…….. but oh well. I tell friends to expect a mess and if they can’t deal with it, then again oh well.

    Beautiful house too.

    Oh, I wanted to ask how you pronounce Eowyn (can’t see what I am typing). I am thinking just the way it seems…… e-oh- win??

    1. Thanks! The white couch was actually a white slip-cover and saw a lot of bleach in its day. 🙂 Seriously that’s the only way to have white in a home with two little boys and two little Poms! Eowyn and Pippin are character names from the Lord of the Rings. (My family is sort of obsessed with The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.) It is pronounced Eh-oh-win. Thanks so much for commenting!

    2. I knew you would love them

  4. Look at those adorable faces! Such a cute duo. Daisy didn’t like to have her picture taken either, but now she’s totally fine with it and her personality totally shows. Thank you for sharing your adorable furry family!

    1. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to just be more persistent. I’d love it if they didn’t jump up or move every time I tried to come at them with a camera. 🙂

    1. Thanks Cassie! All you need are roller shades and some gold duck tape. Easy peasy. Thanks for reading about my pups!

  5. Cuties! My mom has a pom that was supposedly already 13 when she adopted her several years ago…..she’s still healthy and cute and FEISTY! (I seem to know at least one of every kind of dog anyone posts about here; I, uhh…know a lot of dogs :))

    1. Ha! Feisty is definitely a good term for a pom. They have a lot of spunk for being such a little dog. 🙂 Thanks for reading about mine!

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