1. I love this series, and this is another great feature! I can’t believe she has 4 pets in her house! I have 2 dogs and it’s craziness. The dog hair tumbleweeds can get intense. haha And I LOVE that dresser makeover!

  2. wow 4 pets! 2 cats and 2 dogs. insane! they’re all cuties!!!!! i love the one of her and tucker up close! tucker is so human!

  3. Julia - Vintage with Laces says:

    Oh Samamtha, I could hug you for taking the poor injured Bailey in. You have a very good heart. All your sweet fur babies are lucky to have such a wonderful home. I enjoyed reading your story and seeing some of your beautiful furniture creations.
    Thank you for introducing Samantha and her pets, Julia!

    1. I want to hug her too 🙂

  4. Jan Roberts says:

    What a clever and stylish idea! I foster Pugs which overheat quickly, yet they love lounging in the sun, this would be ideal for them!

    1. Oh that would be perfect for you. I agree! Good luck

  5. What a great series! I always look forward to seeing it. My dog, Ozzie, was diagnosed with a slow growing cancer (chronic lymphatic leukemia) a year ago. He loves to be with me in the garden but often can’t take the heat so the quick shade pet canopy would be perfect for him and easy for me to move around the garden! I have my fingers crossed to win it!

    1. Oh your poor dogs, that would be so great for him. Good luck!

  6. Love this series too! I have 4 inside cats. 3 of which showed up under my front porch each about a year apart. As typical, it starts with me needing to “at least feed and water” the poor little kitty Then my heart falls in love,,,,,I’ve had a recent addition to the family. A young tomcat showed up on the front porch with his arm badly torn. A weekend at the vet, a week safely recuperating in my barn, and he is my outside boy that has a cat door into the barn which is locked every night so he is safe. I adore all my furry babies and so enjoy reading about others that do too.

  7. Oh my goodness I love this crew! Tucker’s sweet face makes me miss Sunny but they are all SO adorable and love Samantha too!

  8. Oh bless your clearly enormous heart, with taking in all of these precious furry ones! They are indeed lucky, living the high life – and indeed you and hubby are lucky too.

    As a fellow artist (altho a different medium), I just love your creations, wow.

    1. Yes she is awesome and talented.

  9. cassie @ primitive & proper says:

    that dresser is AMAZING! and love all the pets, but i am partial to the pups!

  10. Pam @ Simple Details says:

    Oh my goodness, love the heartwarming story and they couldn’t be any cuter!! What a sweetheart Samantha is!!

  11. Kaitlyn ~ freshandvintageliving says:

    I grew up with 4 pets, same combo, 2 cats 2 dogs! Lots of fun,vanimals are such a great part of a family. Your Phoebe sounds like my Kona. I rescued Kona from a golden retriever rescue. Her mom was full golden, and we are guessing she is also part shepard. Her face looks similar to Phoebe, but she’s brindle with a black muzzle 🙂

  12. All your fur-angels are precious. You are definitely a girl after my own heart. They know how much they are loved and don’t they ask for so little in return? I can’t believe how much Hershey and Bailey look alike. Tucker is adorable and his coloring is gorgeous and so unique. Phoebe has the sweetest little face. Thank you for sharing these precious angels with us.

  13. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Oh my gosh, I almost missed this great post. I love all of Samantha’s babies and for sure she is my kind of blogger. I too have a bunch of fur babies. 5 fur pups (the two youngest will be 5 MONTHIS this coming 25th of May……. and then there are the kitty kats…… four of those…. and please someone else take the next few that come crying to my door?

    And I am a little late in reading, but must go to Samantha’s blog very soon.

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