1. Julia, thanks so much for having us here today – you are the absolute sweetest! Abby and I both enjoyed the photos & writing the guest post so much 😉

  2. Eep, Abby’s making her debut across blogland!

    I had a good laugh when Brynne mentioned that Abby is really the author behind the blog! Boy does Abby have quite the vocabulary!

    We have tons of nicknames for our beloved baby girl too, nicknames mean they’re keepers right?!

  3. Abby is just beautiful. I have two like her.. all black except a tiny white patch above her little too too. Both are gals. Then I have Sadie Lady multi colors. And my precious Shaymus.. he is my darling Irish boy.

    And oh gosh, the canines are in an uproar now…. they insist on being written about also. Sunshine Maltese Mommy, her husband Shadow The Poodle & then Skippy…. think he is a Terrier? lol, he is cute is all we know for sure.

  4. Pretty cat! I love the picture where she’s looking extremely nervous but as tolerant as she can manage about being held 🙂

    1. Gretchen, that perfectly sums up our relationship! I want to cuddle her to death and she tolerates it 😉

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