1. aaaaw, they are all so sweet! i loved reading this- they were all meant to be brandi’s! and i LOVE that her husband was a cat person. 😉

  2. Thank you again, sweet friend for having me over today! I’m such a fan of your pet series and I was thrilled when you asked me to be a part of it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Brandi, they are darling! I don’t think my husband would be thrilled about getting a 3rd either and I hear you on the dog hair! We have a golden retriever…that says it all! All of your dogs look like they have such personalities! Thanks for sharing your precious bunch!

  4. They are precious. I am already a fan of Brandi and her design so it is fun to read about her fur babies. When Don’t Disturb this Groove came on the radio the other day, I immediately thought of her!

  5. Love all three of them! The picture of Sasha serving as a pillow is classic. So fun to learn more about your furry family Brandi!

  6. What an adorable picture of you and your fur baby! It’s really enjoyable reading about a different side of the lives of our blogger friends. I grew up with a hoard of cats and switched over to dogs in my early adulthood. They truly give us unconditional love and devotion and you’re gratefully commended for all that you do on their behalf.

  7. Oh Brandi, you are so to the point about it all…. consistency, patience and obviously the love involved. I truly do not believe a kid or adult should grow up without at least one pet to love and learn from. And your’s are so beautiful. What is that I read? No dogs on the furniture? ROTFLMAO…. yeah, yeah, yeah…. lol right. And I see that your kids (fur ones at least) love carrots…. carrots ARE treats here in our home too.

    And you know you could always let your husband adopt a kitty kat…. yes.

    I have three (3) pups and four (4) kitty kats all by myself…… and then there are the two outside kitty kats that I have been trying to win over and doing quite well at it…. I can’t stand the thought of one being outside in any bad weather. But money does come in to factor for me. My boyfriend told me I did not need another…… who mentioned need? Not me, I just can’t stand for one to go hungry or in pain.

    Great Family Brandi!

    1. Thank you kindly, Sheryll! Unfortunately they do not get along well with cats.

  8. Oh Brandi, this was a great guest post. Your dogs are so sweet, and obviously very loved. Such a beautiful picture at the beginning of you. Jane

  9. I’m so excited that you shared Brandi’s pups! She was one of the sweetest ladies I met last year at Haven and those girls are adorable…I totally agree with Sasha’s teeth! And her as a pillow totally reminds me of me and my lab growing up. Have you tried making a snowball and having her catch it? We did that with Zeke and as soon as he bites at it, the thing crumbles, then he looks all around like “where did it go?”

    1. Ha! Yes Jen, it looks like Sasha has an under-bite!

  10. Another beautiful encounter with pets! I love Brandi’s crew and it is so selfless of her to adopt them all. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend ladies! xo Nancy

  11. I love Brandi, she couldn’t be sweeter, and I’m not the least bit surprised she took in 3!! What a great tribute to her mom and uncle, too!

  12. AWW Brandi, your babies are so cute. I love the pictures of Sasha and your son.

  13. They are all precious….love their little bow ties and flowers for their collars. Do you sell these or just make them for your babies, please? How do you keep your house so spotless? I am so happy to meet others that love their babies as much as I do. We have 3 we have adopted and 1 cat and he is also a rescue. When we lived in Texas, we had 3 cats and 3 dogs. All have crossed rainbow bridge except for our 1 cat. Our 3 dogs in Texas were 2 Boxers and 1 Great Dane and 1 Boxer and the Great Dane were adopted. Now in Georgia, I (we??) have adopted 3 little ones, all at different times. It’s so funny how we have gone from giants to munchkins. I love them all – size, color, age none of that matters. They all just need love and give so much more in return.

    1. Hi Debbie! No, I don’t sell the flowers. I just made them for fun. I appreciate your interest though. I’m glad you think my house is so clean. Most days I feel like I’m losing the dog hair battle! LOL

  14. they are adorable. how do you keep your home so clean with three dogs? you are so pretty brandi. you are gorgeous. great post. cheers!!

    1. Thank you, sweet Michelle! I vacuum a lot! Thank goodness the camera doesn’t show all the dust that has accumulated! LOL

  15. Love the picture of your son laying on Sasha! So sweet!

  16. Beautiful post and your girls are adorable. The picture of your son relaxing with one of your adorable girls is priceless. We were/are parents to 5 furry kids. Our household is full of fun & adventure with 4 y.o. Savannah (yorkie) and 2 y.o.Ayden (rat terrier/chihuahua). Sadly in 2011 our Darla 17 y.o. cat, 2012 Evie (13 y.o. g. Sheperd/collie) & last year 14 y.o. Roco (g.sheperd/chow) crossed the rainbow bridge. But oh the joy of remembering how they filled the house with fun, hair & challenges. .

    1. Losing a pet is heart breaking. I know how much they meant to you. Sorry for your loss, Sheila!

  17. Hi Brandi,
    I enjoyed reading about your furry girls. I thought it was funny to read that one of them is named Bella. My cousin had a dog name Bella.

    1. Thank you, Trish! My husband chose “Bella” because he thought she was so beautiful!

  18. Three does seem like a lot, but they all look so sweet. Love the photo of your son with the dog. Dogs love their boys, for sure!

    1. Thank you so much! They have their moments(my son included- ha!), but they are all very sweet.

  19. Just goes to show you that you can have a beautiful home and some precious pets. I can’t imagine life without ours. 🙂

  20. Stacey, you’re the sweetest. Thank you so much for your comment.

  21. That was such a sweet post, Brandi and I really enjoyed reading about your adorable dogs. I think it’s awesome that you love your pets so much… 🙂

  22. Such cute pups, Brandi! I especially love the photos of all three pooches munching on carrots. (My dog Bella, refuses to eat any veggies. Kind of like my kids, for that matter.)

    1. Thank you so much, Gina! They love carrots and apples. We buy them a big bag from the farmer’s market and they go through them so fast.

  23. Just love Brandi!! Her Bella looks just like my dog ” Dakota” who is a girl but acts like a boy thus the name!! All her dogs are great, cheers to a pet filled home!

    1. Love you too, Karolyn! I remember seeing the pictures you shared of Dakota on your blog. Her and Bella do favor each other.

  24. Your dogs are all so cute! I have Montana now, but before her I had my doberman and before me my husband had rotties. A rottie dobe mix must be heaven!!!! I would get another Doberman in a heartbeat! You’re so lucky!!!

    1. Doberman’s are my favorite breed. Sasha is hilarious. She’s definitely a lot of fun!

  25. I agree, it takes a special person to work at the animal shelter.
    I think having a dog brings out the best in us. No wonder Brandi’s so sweet, having three!

    1. Kimberley, thank you so much! Sasha was actually named after an Alaskan Malamute; one of the dogs that I fell in love with while working there.

  26. Brandi, I was smiling the entire time while reading! Beautiful and loved knowing how these three lovelies came in your life . Our dog Ginger hates lightning and thunder and always hides too:)

  27. Hi Brandi, oh I just loved your post and meeting your three girls They are such precious fur babies and so beautiful. You truly have a big heart to handle all three together. Your home is filled with love!!
    We had 4 Golden Retrievers over the years filling all but about 4 years of my 41 year marriage and loved every minute with them. Two years ago my last girl at nearly 8 years old was hit by a car on the road after she rain out after some bunnies. It was one of the worst days of my life when I had to have her put down right in the road. I miss her each and every day. But at this point decided to not have another right now. She lives in my heart along with all the others. She was our only girl Golden so I know she must be bossing around the three males at Rainbow Bridge. LOL

    Thanks for sharing Brandi. Give your babies a pat and kiss on the head from me!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs and Blessings

    Hi Julia, so nice to meet you and visit your blog and Brandi’s feature for her three pups. So enjoyed my visit.

    1. Celeste, you are seriously the sweetest! I am so sorry to read about the death of your Golden. That must have been so heartbreaking. Thinking of you…

  28. Hi Brandi,

    Your dogs are all so gorgeous and must keep you busy having 3 in your family.
    Oh yes, training them can be a big job and like you pets are not allowed on the furniture.

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