1. Oh I love this post! I love my babies too! And I love rescue stories. Especially the grey haired ones. They seem to be the ones most often overlooked. Everyone wants the cute puppies it seems. I’m going over to sign up for her blog and look forward to seeing more . Have a great weekend, Hope

    1. Yay, I’m glad you liked the post and I agree, the grey haired ones are mostly overlooked but they are “oh-so” sweet.

  2. About time Roeshel……… grin. I love your little fur babies….. both Lalka & Rosie. I remember so well your window seat for Lalka and I still plan to copy it. I am dreaming of Julia’s Kitty Walk. I also want to build a combo window seat and pup house for my three pups in my ever so tiny bedroom. I never manage to get to a rescue place……………. seems the fur babies in my neighborhood tell all the strays to come to my house. All of my beautiful babies are just off the street. When I searched and advertised for their people I got nothing……… so they have a home with me now. And they each say they are happy.

  3. How sweet they are Roeshel! Lalka is so pretty and Coco’s eyes would just get me too! I’ve been thinking of getting another dog but decided it would be from a shelter, so far we haven’t found each other!

  4. Roeshel’s pets are so cute! And she is the sweetest blogger I’ve met in person, too!

  5. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! xo And Julia, thank you so much for letting me “show off” my pets! <3

  6. Your fur-angels are precious. Thanks for sharing their beauty with us.

  7. I so wish my big lugs would appreciate some nice things we have around our home and not see everything as their’s to chew as they see fit. Not that bad but it does make us live the minimalist type of life as far as things are concerned her at

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