1. Anonymous says:

    He is so cute, love the bow tie!!

  2. That’s two terriers in a row, isn’t it? On a roll! Ike is so fab. I wish I’d known my current dogs when they were itty bitty puppies 🙂

  3. Oh I so love your tiny darling IKE….. oh gosh, I like IKE! More than I can say. If I did not already have three fabulous babies very similar to Ike….. well I would just cry for him. I do have my gorgeous three babies and 4 troublesome, but adorable, gorgeous kitty kats.

    There is truly never a home without a little furry best friend to share with us..

  4. Can you tell I’ve been saving up these posts the right time to read 🙂 I adore Ike as so many others do, I’m sure. He is adorable and obviously photogenic 🙂 Love this post!

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