1. Oh I want one JUST like her!!! Can I borrow Szuka for a short time this winter? She wouldn’t be happy in our Florida summers, so if I want a hug and a large fur blanket, that would be my time. I have three rescues from off the street…… one tiny white Maltese Mommy, one slightly larger grey Poodle Daddy & a little something… tiny, maybe Fox Terrier/Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix? I am sure they would get along just fine, cause my married couple got along great with my late Shih Tzu and then the little mixed one that came after,. I have kitty kats and they are great with the pooh pups too….. so when can I baby sit for you???? HUH?

    1. Haha, I’m not sure she’d like Florida, even in the winter! This girl was so disappointed when the snow melted in the spring. She sat on this receeding snowball and glumly watched it shrink every day. But let’s try! I’ll ship her over next time she decides to be naughty. Now, where to find a crate big enough.. 🙂

  2. her dog is ADORABLE! i had no idea how big she was! love the name and love the story of how they got her, her affection… the image of the nose waiting for a snack. 😉 love it!

  3. I love when pictures of her pop up- she’s SO awesome looking and really looks like such a sweetheart. Also, I love that you trained her in Hungarian. One of my old roommates had a rottweiler trained in Italian and we both really enjoyed being the only ones that could give commands, especially with such a loyal and powerful dog. My current dog currently only listens to the language of treats… lol! 🙂

    1. She does look so sweet! Unfortunately my cats are untrainable or I could give them German commands 😉

  4. Always so fun to come here and meet a new-to-me blogger and their adorable pets. Szuka is a beautiful girl.

  5. Szuka is the cutest! I always love seeing her pop up in Tanya’s blog photos and Instagram! So adorable – especially the cuddling photo! I want to cuddle with Szuka too 🙂

  6. oh, what a CUTIE! She sounds (and looks!) a lot like my big boy, Gable. He’s also great at barking at anything that moves, looks intimidating, but would totally let a real intruder help himself to anything he wanted :). And he has the same kind of wooly, expensive to have groomed coat, too. Love all her fashionable accessories 🙂 Love the fox pictures, too!

  7. What a cute dog. A snow dog 🙂 Love how fluffy he is. Love Tanya’s house as well. Super beautiful. I am a big fan of her living room!!

  8. Szuka is gorgeous. You live in a beautiful area. I love your wood flooring and would love to know the name of it. I bet it is easy to clean.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. The former owners installed the flooring. It’s walnut stained maple hardwood. It hides dirt pretty well! Better than the natural maple hardwood our last home had

  9. I hope your daughter feels better soon Julia! Love that poodle and how big she is. What a lovely home and all that Tanya’s done with it!. Such an enjoyable read! Take care. xo Nancy

    1. Thanks for your kind words about my home! Szuka is a komondor but with her haircut she’s often mistaken for a labradoodle. I think the key differenceis that komondors are more stubborn, lol.

  10. Love her lake house! It’s been so fun watching her transform it!! What an incredible dog too!! So beautiful!

  11. I am a dog groomer….I think it’s great that you do your own haircuts! Some tips I could give you are….If you find a mat, wedge a comb under it and with the come places there…then scissor it out. It’s less risk of cutting her. Also…if you want to just get her eyes and sanitary areas done (harder to groom areas)…you can do just that! Just call ask how much and it should be an in and out appointment. Hope that helps! She is a cutie by the way!

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