1. She is a precious puppy, but sadly most puppies that come from pet stores are from puppy mills. Chances are Zoey’s parents look a lot different than she does, and don’t live such a good life. I’m not trying to be rude, but its important we put a stop to puppy mills.

    1. Julia Konya says:

      I know you aren’t trying to be rude Marcy and it’s a total valid concern and I agree one hundred percent with you. The area where we live all the puppies are from Amish puppy mills and I HATE THAT. There should be a law against that.

  2. I’ve never heard of the Fess Up Series. Sounds super fun. Have a great weekend.

  3. House Envy says:

    Cute little pocket puppy! Our dog is huge and I’ve always kids wondered what it would be like to have a little cuddly pup. I think its hilarious that you went for fish and got a dog! LOL! Have a great weekend!


  4. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    she is SO cute!!! i love her so much! she looks like she was meant for your family.

  5. So cute! It’s possible that we’ve fallen victim to some impulse animal acquisitions around here, too 😉

  6. Sheryll And Critters. says:

    Oh how beautiful you both are! I have a little Maltese Mommy I named Sunshine….. she is the most precious baby… she came to me with her husband, Shadow The Poodle and they are the most wonderful pups. Mine came from off the street. A lady I met while searching for my stolen/lost Rufus The Pekingese found them and could not find their people, so she gave them to me, cause I could not stand the thought (nor could she) of separating them. Talk about RIGHT decisions! And then in December of 2012 we found Speedy who is a perfect little brother… we think he is a mix of Rat Terrier, Jack Russell & possibly Chihuahua? THEN I have my four kitty kats…. well that is an even longer story.

    Congratulations on getting one of the sweetest, most adorable, gorgeous babies in the entire world.

    But then I think they all are gorgeous.. some not as sweet, but I have had great experiences.

  7. Jenn - HomeStyleReport says:

    I’m in awe over the fact that Zoey can jump into that bed! She’s absolutely adorable and the pictures with her and the boys are precious! I think it’s so important for kids to grow up with animals/pets!

  8. Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles says:

    Zoey is such a cutie! My good friend had a Maltese that we got to pup-sit a few times, such fun!

  9. Mekenzie @ interiorsbykenz.com says:

    I love Zoey! What a doll. Although, I’m pretty partial to Maltese 🙂

  10. Lets just build a house! says:

    what a cute little fluffball of a sidekick! love her.

  11. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile says:

    Zoey is so cute! I love her little teeth and the fact that she can jump up on the bed – very impressive!

  12. Gabbi @ Retro Ranch Reno says:

    Zoey is so stinkin’ cute! I love her furry little face!! Off to check out your “fess up”…can’t wait! 🙂

  13. Bethany DeVore says:

    Such a cute little ball of fluff!

  14. Natalie Rivera says:

    We are currently trying to decide if we should adopt a puppy. We have a three year old son and won’t be having any children for a while, but I keep going back and forth wondering if we would do fine with a puppy. I never grew up with a dog but I would love that for my son. What do you think? Is all the work a pet requires worth it?

    1. Julia Konya says:

      To me it is. The same work as children. I have to clean pee, puke and occasional poop, doctor visits…but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

  15. pam {simple details} says:

    She’s SO adorable, and it’s pretty evident she’s your girl, Kristin!

  16. Summer Hogan says:

    I mean could that cutie be a more perfect pup! Love her and Kristin! Great feature as always! Did I tell you I’m loving this series 🙂

  17. Caroline Nolazco says:

    What a cutie! Jealous of her snuggling ways :p

  18. Anneke McConnell says:

    I just can’t get enough of her! She is SO adorable Kristin!!!

  19. Kayla Dixon says:

    Oh I just love Kristin and little Zoey! She is the cutest little cuddle bug!

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