1. all those animals! love them- and i need chickens. we have been wanting them but now that i see i can even craft with their feathers, sign me up!

    1. I can’t believe someone just left them to die. And I think you should get some chickens too.

  2. To one Jamie from another Jayme…who also lives in the country with 9 cats (we recently lost our sweet dog, Daisy), cows across the road, and whose family doesn’t hunt but loves the country and all its splendor…well done! Nice to know there are many kindred spirits out there doing their part to make the lives of the animals that share our planet just a little better!

    1. I’m so happy for people like you guys too. You make the world a better place.

    2. So nice to meet you Jayme! I love the way you spell your name! I wish we were neighbors. So sorry for your loss <3 We lost our sweet Cloe (a Doberman) a couple of years ago. It's hard!

  3. Julia, I cannot thank you enough for asking me to be a part of this. Really. It was such a pleasure. And I just realized that the 18th was Lily’s gotcha day only we didn’t decide to keep her until a year ago today. How fitting is that! Thanks again!

  4. Oh man, crafting with feathers! Love it and how cute is that dog in the vest?! I saw that on IG and had to pop over to read. Have a great weekend.

  5. So many if these pictures really capture each pet’s personality!! We are petless in my home right now, but this post reminds me that I’m always missing that love and companionship that sharing your home with pets can add.

    1. They certainly add something special to a home.

    2. Aww Jenn

      Here’s to all the pets your heart can hold when the time is right! Love from our brood in the meantime.

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