1. Thank you! It’s one of these really time consuming projects that are so worth it though and it feels really good and accomplished when they are done.

  1. These are so wonderful, Julia. It doesn’t hurt that your family is so beautiful and photogenic! I need to tackle this project. Once upon a time I was a scrapbooker, but this is SO much easier! You’ve inspired me to get around to doing this one of these days! And I LOVE the alternating spine color idea… I’ll be stealing that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer. It certainly is so much easier than scrapbooking and shopping for all the needed supplies. Yeah I wish I would have thought about the alternating spine idea earlier ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love this Julia! Thanks for this tips. This has been on my to-do list FOREVER!

    1. It feels good when it is finally done. Before 2009 I made the old-fashioned standard annual photo albums and I just could never get myself to remake them in a coffee table format. I’m glad I have these though.

  3. Seriously Julia, this post is so hopeful to me. I made a shutterfly photo book for my oldest when she turned 1 and started one for my youngest but never finished. I really want to do yearly ones too for our family. It becomes really overwhelming so thinking about it every month is such a great idea.

    1. Oh I’m glad you found it helpful. I feel overwhelmed with this stuff at times too. I made a preK and Kindergarten book for my son when he went to Elementary school which is so cute to have now. But I never made one for my daughter. She gets upset about it too. It’s been on my list of things to do.

  4. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    This is a valuable must share.

  5. I started with my son’s first year book last year. It was a lot of work since I had to organize and download the pictures I wanted to use on Mixbook. This year I have decided to start making yearly family photobooks. Most of the pictures are of my son so it would be silly to make a 2nd year photobook and a family one too. I would like to go back and make photobooks for vacations and when I was dating my husband. The key to organizing photos is to download pictures you have on your phone, camera, iPad onto your computer every few weeks. Then put them in corresponding folders. This makes the photobook process a lot easier! I always back it up my photos on a usb stick that I store in a water/fire proof safety box. I know it would be easier to save photos on shutterfly, but I like to do it the hard way, lol.

    1. I do back mine up on hard-drives and CDs as well but the CDs have occasionally stopped working and so have the hard-drives and USB sticks, so it’s nice to have them somewhere where I can order them whenever I want to.

  6. Great tips. I love what you wrote: “If you have to catch up and do several years worth of books”… because.. ummmm… I am many years behind…many, many, many years behind. Thanks for the inspiration and btw you daughter’s braid is adorable!!

    1. Thanks Sheryl. Even if you just get a little bit done it’s better than nothing, right?

  7. What a great idea and love that they look like artistic coffee table books that you don’t mind displaying. I think I will put this on my to do list for this year. Think it would also make a great present for relatives. And the hint to upload photos into the book every so often instead of just waiting until the end of the year makes it seem much less overwhelming. SO I have several years to do and will have to just block out chuncks of time for those, but definately going to try doing the uploading month by month for this year.

    1. It helps so much. Plus your memory of the even it so fresh and you know exactly how they should be placed. Good luck with it!

  8. Great tips! I don’t do yearly but I need to start. One thing that I’ve done for a few years is to give Greyson a photo book for Christmas of whatever vacation we went on previously. I write the vacation like a story so that when I read it to him, he reads it like he was there. He LOVES it.

    I really need to start doing the yearly ones though. Love your tips.

    1. That is such a fantastic idea. My kids would love that.

  9. I would love to do this, but haven’t printed a photo since my 2nd daughter was born in 2008, and I now have 3 kids! I see the books have 99 pages, do you know approximately how many photos are in a book?

    1. Oh my gosh I have no clue how many are in it. I guess it depends. I should look if there is an option to see ho many are actually in it. If I love a photo I’ll make it one big page but a lot of times I have so many photos that I squeeze about 12 photos on one page. Good luck

  10. Totally overwhelmed, every year, but they’re so worth it! Doing a month at a time is such a good idea; I should definitely try to do that!

    1. Yes overwhelming but worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. I did monthly books for the first year of each babies life, really glad I did! And we do a Christmas book every year of basically all December events. I bring them out with the Christmas decorations every year. Starting yearly books is a great idea!!

    1. Thanks Tessa and that sounds wonderful to make Christmas books.

  12. Thanks Julia. That’s really inspiring. Never too late to start. And I will start to make 2015 annual family phoobook ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I need to start doing this! I keep putting it off, but I know my daughter would love looking through these.

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