1. Thank you so much for the info, Julia! Our vet is 30 – 45 minutes away (depending on the traffic) and it’s always so stressful for Barney and Cecily doesn’t like the ride either. It would be great if this spray would make the trip to the vet more relaxed for them.

  2. Thank you for the info. I have two cats 17 years old and all of a sudden the male is not using the litter box for pooping. I will try this product again and see if it helps.

    1. Did you get him checked out at the vet? One of mine did that when he got sick. He always pooped outside the box when he wasn’t feeling well. I just want to make sure he doesn’t need other help first 😉

  3. I have used Feliway on and off for years as well! We used it most recently for Meisha when we introduced Quito to the house because she gets so stressed out around animals she doesn’t know. It has helped too with ‘territory’ issues between her and Pablo which thankfully seems to have sorted itself out now. But it’s brilliant at chilling them out. I love the idea of the spray though which I didn’t realise they had. I had to take mine for their annual vaccinations/booster shots on Monday and it would have been great to use in the cat carrier – for Meisha again (Pablo is so chilled, he doesn’t really mind anything). I will say, however, she was so much better on this visit – the vet normally has to use a towel over her because she’s spitting and hissing at her but Meisha actually let her do what she needed to and didn’t hiss once! Hurrah! Haha small victories! But I will certainly consider the spray next time we have to go. Also, have to agree with Cassie – you are such a lovely kitty mama 😉 Can’t believe the ages of your kitties, they are just gorgeous. Never tire of seeing them xxx (PS Sorry for the long comment, I get carried away clearly when it comes to cats lol)

    1. Don’t ever apologize for a long comment 😉 Thankfully my cats never hiss at the vet. My oldest cat poops herself at the vet which makes me feel awful.
      I use the plug-ins all over the house when we go away.

  4. Maggie @ Maggie Overby Studios says:

    Wow with all our moves this could be handy. Ozzie is a pretty laid back cat but the first part of any car ride is stressful for him. Since we move often he has been on several that have been over 10 hours, along with overseas flights, and hotel stays. We have tried different things but I really don’t like sedating him for car rides and it is not allowed when flying so this might be a good alternative. I will take a look and see if it is something that would work for us.

    1. They should make one of those are vent defusers for the car. That would be a great idea too since I’m sure the spray won’t last that long. I don’t like sedating them too and I know our vet doesn’t either.

  5. Esther Books says:

    That is great info! I’ll be sure to share with our cat loving friends.

    1. I hope it helps them 😉

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