1. What a shame that the vinyl peeled. Hopefully the new kind will stick better. The soft pink is a pretty shape and the knobs are very cool.
    Visiting a cat show would be dangerous for me too. 🙂
    Have a great week!

    1. Haha, thankfully they are spoiled well taken care of cats that don’t need a home. That’s why it isn’t dangerous at all. Now if it would be adoptable neglected cats…that would be terribly dangerous for me.

    1. The one with the big eyes was so so cute and tiny and they have awesome personalities too.

  2. Hi Julia, the link to Etsy doesn’t seem to be working for the hardware above. Could you tell me the name of the etsy shop please?

  3. Love your decor and love that you love rescued cats. We also have our rescue, named Linus, he is now blending well into our family!

  4. Cat show! So fun! I’ve never been to one, either (or a dog show for that matter, I don’t think)

    1. I’d love to read your blog post after a cat or dog show Gretchen 😉 It’s different for sure

  5. Oh my god I want to go to a CAT SHOW!!! How fun!! KITTEH FACES. Love that vinyl on your flooring, fingers crossed it holds up for you! Also, loving the pink dresser so far, can’t wait to see – those knobs are everything. xxx

    1. Oh you would love the cat show. So many silly cat faces 😉

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