1. Such a ball of fluffy cuteness! (I follow Perny’s adventure through instagram, too.)

  2. Oh, he’s so adorable! I want another kitty now, a big fluffy one! Abby needs a cuddle buddy, right? 😉 So cute, thank you for sharing Gabbi!

  3. Perny was the reason we got our cat, and I was truly never a cat person before! He totally reminds me of my Gus, everything but the cuddling part. I might have to borrow Perny for that 😉

  4. I have to admit I’m not a cat person but I loooovvveee Perny everytime I see a photo of him on Instagram I have this urge to want to hug him, I love how fluffy his legs are and not that I know he’s actually a dog trapped in a cats body I’m sold on loving him even more! (:

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