1. Marty Oravetz says:

    I love to change things up all the time, so if you want a quick change, go for it. I do love the one you have, it looks amazing.

  2. i think when I first started following your blog I immediately fell in love with that mirror. It just made that room. That being said we all like a change. I like number two and three. I am concerned about this net neutrality and how it will affect all of us. Many states have filed lawsuits. I love following your blog and others and just wonder how this may affect what we view.

  3. Shelly Mathes says:

    Hi Julia, of all the mirrors on here I love the one you already have. The other mirrors shown are quite nice but they are just not right, they don’t look like you. Maybe some other choices out there somewhere.

    Concerning net neutrality, “your garden is yours to choose what YOU want to plant”. Ridiculous!

  4. i love what you have already the most, but i know the need for change. if you were to change it up, i like 3 because it brings in the texture like the current mirror. i wouldn’t do the pink…. it’s too trendy and won’t work with changing color schemes as much, which i know you also like to do.

  5. Love the one you have ….if I were going to change, it would be the driftwood mirror.

  6. Tough choice. I really like the one you currently have because you made it unique with your own little spin on it. Maybe just do that again?

  7. Ivette Lopez says:

    I would definitely not change the mirror. I really think that your current mirror absolutely makes the room. The combination of the two mirrors is really beautiful and so unique. But if you really want to change things up a bit #3 is a really unusual piece and looks great with your colors.

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