1. you can DIY it! i know it! love these choices- i really love that marble look one and i always love woodsy murals.

  2. So many great choices! Several of those would tempt guests to color your walls – hide the markers!
    Have you considered using a water based paint pen for a DIY wallpaper? They come in colors, black, white and even metallic. Easy to paint over.

    1. HI Shari, that’s what I have in the bathroom right now. I used a waterbased sharpie for the wall pattern.

  3. So many great options! I’ve been toying with the idea of putting wallpaper in my bathroom but I never thought to look on etsy. Thanks!

    1. I always check Etsy first now before I check anywhere else. SO much great unique stuff

  4. First one is amazing! I choose for my living room an city at night image!

  5. Ooh, great picks! the first one is the one that’s making the strongest impression on me, but any of them would be pretty great. I really want to do wallpaper in my powder room, too, but it has these awful texture walls that I can’t quite face sanding down yet….so it will probably be awhile and get get paint in the meantime.

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