1. Yes we are, aren’t we and thanks so much

  1. Julia! You did a wonderful job!! I am sure many people will copy your cabana idea! I know this was a difficult challenge considering your never ending snow, but you really pulled it all together and made it look effortless! xox, Emily

    1. Thanks so much Emily, lets see if there will be copying going on 😉

    1. Thanks Sarah, unfortunately I can’t use them when it’s so windy out. Can’t wait to see your patio

    1. Thank you and you have no idea how lost I felt without my computer

  2. So gorgeous – you did an AMAZING job! And that black and white tent is insanely good.

    1. Thanks so so much Sarah

  3. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    How wonderful that you did not have tp pay for your Mac to be repaired. Everything is so beautiful. And you really did fool me with making it look warm outside. I have a question. about the drinks in your photo’s. Is it Peach tea or just food coloring? I know that photos’ can be hard to get and I also know that dress and fashion photo’s are usually made to look good on the models (chothes pins and such), so just wondering.

    1. It’s more of an orange soda mix 😉 and thanks so so much. Yes pictures do get made to look prettier than they are, you are so right

  4. This is such an amazing reveal, even more perfect for knowing what you went through to get there! Everything is gorgeous and I love the mix of patterns and colour in the cushions! Clever clogs!! xxx

    1. Thanks Kimberly, I will have to do another reveal when my garden is actually growing again 😉

  5. I so love how this all came together! The cabana is genius and I still can’t believe that is duct tape. The pillows with the striped piping are so gorgeous. I just love it all – you did SUCH a great job!

    1. Thank you! I kinda want to put striped piping on everything now 😉

    1. Mess on Monday 😉 we should make a series out of it. And thanks so much Corinna

  6. I am so in love with your patio! In truth I am truly in love wth everything you do. I especially love your design with pets Friday articles and your pet stories.
    Your patio is inspirational for me and have to confess that I have the chairs on my list of possiblity. I do want to know where you bought your deck chairs as I am searching for similar ones. Please share.
    Thank you

    1. And I love this comment, haha. Thanks so much

  7. Wow, patio set twin, I love the cabana and I can’t believe the black stripes are actually duct tape! I am so drawn to the lotus fabric you used for your pillows. You did an amazing job!

    1. Hey patio set twin. Thanks so so much! And you did too

  8. Kristin M says:

    Pop up tent, shower curtains and duct tape? Brilliant! Even if just for an event because it isn’t “weather-proof”, it’s GENIOUS! Thanks for inspiring duct taped patio tents everywhere! The whole look is amazing but that cabana gives a special intimate vibe: a real outdoor room.

  9. Aluguer de Tendas says:

    Great work. I apreciated everything, especially when it comes to the tent details!

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