1. Anonymous says:

    Love this! I found you from Kate’s blog. Can you show step-by-step instructions like Kate does?

    I love your blog…you are so talented!

    1. Hi and thank you! You are right! I’ve said it many times on here, that I need to show more pictures and step-by-step instructions. I’m just so used to just grabbing a can of paint and getting it done.
      This was so easy I didn’t even think about it. Just cleaned the bust, taped the base, spray primed and then spray painted it white.
      I’ll try my best to change my ways!
      Stop back again!

  2. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    Okay…my latest obsession is spray chalkboard paint. I’ve painted pottery piggy banks, a wreath holder, glass in a frame (for a chalkboard). It’s pretty cheap at Wal-Mart otherwise I use a super matte black. About 5 years ago I used this spray by Rustoleum called “camoflage” that had almost the same effect. I rarely use primer when I spray since it seems to make the over-coat run (for me, anyway). Oh, I also found another cuckoo clock to spray…think I’ll try a super bright color this time. Cheers!

    1. Interesting, I guess I’ll have to try the chalkboard paint one day soon too. It’s been in my garage forever!
      Jealous about the cuckoo clock. Lol, it’s an addiction, isn’t it?

  3. Love the HomeGoods find and what you did to it!! You have beautiful ideas… so happy I found your blog!! PS — I found a horse head lamp today at HomeGoods which was black. Did not like the black so….I think a can of spray paint is in it’s future for sure! I am working on setting up an empty bedroom into my craft/office space so I figured I could paint the horse head a fun color! Also love the painted clocks!! Michele M

    1. Thanks Michele! Good luck with your lamp project. Funny because the same day I bought this deer bust, I bought a yellow horse head at HomeGoods too. Have to post it yet!
      Stop by again!

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