1. that puss in boots pic gets me every time! she is the cutest! i am not a cat lover- i like them, but clearly am more of a dog person, and i really enjoyed reading all of this and how their relationships work. your tips are awesome, and this post has me wanting a cat, even though chris is allergic. i could see a cat hanging out with my dogs. 😉

    1. With the dogs and the chickens. I still have a lingering bad feeling about her health.

  2. I love all the pictures! She’s such a cutie! I have no idea about the health stuff, but I hope you get it figured out and she’s back to 100% soon. Our two cats started out absolutely loving each other (we got Gavroche as a tiny kitten when Athena was about a year old….we also had our much older cat, Tess, back then, but she never paid much attention to the kittens). They used to play and cuddle together all the time. I don’t know what happened, but now they can’t stand to be in the same room anymore. Fortunately there’s a lot of hissing but no actual fighting. But it would be nice if they were friends again!

    1. Cats are so finicky with their friendships. The misplacement of I piece of furniture can throw them off. I wonder what happened to yours that they aren’t friends anymore

  3. I”m still dealing w/this same issue. My old cat, Bobette, about 17 (she came up) hates ourtortoiseshell …should say mine bc my husband hates her that came up almost 4 years ago. She’s still loves to play and run…but was a bully. She bullied Bobetette and my black cat, Palin. Finally, Palin, tiny sweet thing, bullied her back. Now, she rules over Sue Ellen..I now…don’t judge….But Bobette just will not slap her. She lets Sue Ellen intimidate her. Sometimes, I think Sue Ellen wants to play but sometimes, she has jumped on Bobette. never had a cat like this before. Lucy’s face is the same face Bobette has. Also, we take her to the lake by herself and she’s her old self. As my husband says, away from all the crazies.

    1. I love your cats names. And we’ve been thinking about taking the baby to the beach with us but then I’m scared that we have to start at square one again when we get home and the old ladies got used to being by themselves again.

  4. Catherine says:

    Sorry you are having such a hard time of it Julia. No suggestions from me either I’m afraid. My cat loathes other cats but is fine with dogs fortunately. Hope things improve for you soon!

    1. Thanks Catherine, I hope so too.

  5. Ursula Ellis says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I’m one of those weird people that loves cats and dogs equally and have always had both. All your kitties are darling and I hope they all learn to co-exist without anxiety — theirs and yours. I have two — a 15 year old female and a 7 year-old male who do just that. I’d love to introduce a kitten, but I’m just not sure how well that will go over as the male cat is jealous when I give my attention to the female or to anyone for that matter.

    I wish I knew more about the health issues Maya is facing. We’ve had urinary tract and kidney issues in the past but nothing like you’re describing.

    Best of luck and I look forward to updates with lots of pics.

    1. I’ve had two cats with kidney failure and one with urinary problems. He even had a blocked urinary tract which was absolutely horrible.

  6. I would try a gluten free food if you are not feeding that already. My old cat always had really foul smelling poops and after trying out all the expensive vet food (he had a ton of medical testing parasite treatment etc before that and cleared up a bad campylobacter infection), found a grocery store brand dry food made of salmon & rice that helped a lot. President’s Choice salmon and rice here in Canada, not sure if you can track that down in the US or not but sure there are similar things. It was suspected he had celiac or ibs or both but never fully confirmed. He was always a bit stinky but the diet change helped a lot.

    1. Thanks so much Autumn, I will certainly look into the food you mentioned.

  7. Nicolette says:

    I also second grain free food…..ideally raw or canned. It can do wonders for the consistency and smell of stool troubles….

    1. I’m going to have to try that. Thanks Nicolette

  8. She looks just like our Rudy! If it is a dietary issue, try Nature’s Instinct grain free rabbit formula. Comes in both wet and dry (we mix both together). But be prepared for a whole new “aroma” from the litter tray.
    Wish I could help with the kitty adjustments, alas, I cannot. We’ve had up to 5 kitties at a time, some adjust better than others. I admire your tenacity for all of their well-being, and hope that time will find some resolutions.

    1. Thanks so much Pat, they’ve taught me a lot about patience and that you can’t fix things in a short amount of time. I will definitely have to play around with food.

  9. Have they
    Checked her thyroid? A voracious appetite can be a sign of thyroid/diabetes.

    1. I have one cat with a thyroid issue already and that is certainly an option too. Thanks Kelly.

  10. Ann rourke says:

    YouTube “My cat from Hell” Type in “my cats hate one another”. Many episodes with good out comes. One that stands out was that cats needed to eat together in order to tolerate one another. He went through the technique on going about that. Very interesting stuff.

    1. Yeah eating together helps, but since she is from a rescue group and had to make sure she always got enough food, she runs around like a maniac trying to finish everyones plates. Which isn’t good for her diet right now. She needs to learn that she has enough food in our house and doesn’t have to take from everyone else in order to feel full. It’s such a good show though

  11. What a cutie, you know I’m a sucker for an orange kitty. My daughter would love a second cat but Ozzie did not do well with my Mom’s cat when we stayed with her the summer after moving back from Germany so I’m reluctant to try. Sounds like you have a bit of experience that would help. Hope all the cats learn to get along and Maya’s health improves. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks Maggie, maybe you could foster a kitty and see if they get along and if they do keep it 😉

  12. Just what I was kind of hoping for when I clicked on your blog bookmark-kitty talk ???? 3 of my last 5 kitties have been strays that show up at my house. The last one I made a house cat was HATED by the other 3. Named her Trixie-she was such a lover, queen of cuddling, and the sweetest thing ever. When I got home from work we were glued to each other for the evening. She even came to bed with me and curled up under the crook of my arm for the night.
    But the rest of my girls never accepted her and it was daily war. 2 resorted to not using the litter box due to their protest. I tried pheromones in the electrical sockets, the special litter guaranteed to break the habit, nothing ever worked.
    Dear Trixie had health issues the less than 2 years I had her and losing her was simply gut-wrenching. All this to say, I sympathize. Managing situations like this is a lot of work and worry. And when we fall in love with our babies quickly- our only choice is to be all in and it can be exhausting. i love your open heart for your kitties, and I will be thinking hard for you to find answers and calm in your home. Keep us posted please.
    PS the last two strays I have made barn cats (I live in the country) I put a cat door on the barn so they are free to roam and have a safe place during the day if needed. And at night I call them in and lock the cat door so they are in the barn and safe. Calling in 2 cats every night is not easy and with longer days of the season and warm weather means they aren’t too eager to get locked up. Yeah, I know you understand, it sounds crazy to most people, but I love them and can’t be laissez-faire about it as is the norm in the country. Lovings not easy ????????????????.

    1. It’s great that you care for them so much and lock them up at night. a stray that I had also gotten attached to on my porch ended up getting killed by a fox at night. My neighbor heard it and and then saw it go down. I was so upset. He was a long haired orange tabby and my daughter had named him Tumbleweed. I had hoped that he would trust me enough one day to pick him up and take him to the vet because I could see his health decline. His declining health must have made it easier for the fox to get him.
      So it’s such a good thing you lock them in at night.
      Good luck with your kitties

  13. Aww!! Welcome! You are too precious 🙂 keep up the great posts!

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