1. Oh I know, it calms me like nothing else!

  1. Patty Day says:

    The beach is breathtaking! And those homes…..magnificent
    Know you are looking forward to your next trip !!! Happy packing!

    1. Haha, yes happy packing 😉 thanks Patty

    1. It’s a hermit crab. There are sooooo many of them and my daughter loves them. Silly little cute creatures 😉

  2. ahh….looks lovely! Let’s pool our money and get that 4.8 million dollar house 😉

    1. Oh that would totally be nice

    1. Thanks Pam and now off to the second round of traveling. I can’t wait

  3. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Oh a vacation on the beach is my way to go. I have not done so in years though. With all my fur babies and so many beaches do not allow fur pups…… I just kind of quickt going. I would have to own ON the beach and pay to have it blocked off I suppose. Yeah right. lol

    I am so glad you and the family had a great time……… wish I looked that good in a bathing suit and your little ones are just way too cute.

    1. a sectioned off beach for your pups certainly would be nice. That beach allows the dogs in the morning before the lifeguards come at 10 and when they leave again at 5:30 which is nice because they get their beach time too.

    1. I could have taken hundreds of photos of homes but didn’t want to appear like some strange stalker 😉 Especially since a lot of them had people sitting out on decks LOL

  4. Looks like an amazing time! Glad you got some special family time. And I love the picture of you and your kids. You look gorgeous (as always).

    1. Oh thanks so much for the compliment.

    1. It’s a real estate agent’s dream down there. Business is booming. YES if only…

  5. Looks like such a fun trip Julia! I know coming back to reality is SO hard!

    1. I don’t have to get back to totally reality quite yet because I’m leaving for Germany today 😉

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