1. Anonymous says:

    I love this kind of post, with pictures of the basics, tools, etc. I don´t know much about either so it is a huge help when I attempt something at home.
    The new shade is awesome, how did you know it would look good? I usually feel cold and clammy when choosing and mixing patterns in my clothes, just thinking about doing it in my home makes me loose hair.
    Lots of peace

    1. Thanks, I actually walked by the window the other day and a light went up in my head. I’m usually not scared to just try it especially if it was an easy reversible project like this one. I’ll post about it on Friday.

  2. your new faucet looks very nice (wow, you installed it yourself, you go girl! ) 🙂 hubby has to take care of these things, if I would attempt something like this, I just know it wouldn’t work ha!ha! 🙂
    & I love your extra deep sink too, you are very lucky, you know when we did our renovation, I wanted a deep one but we had so many difficulties with the contractor (he never listened) ah!

  3. I’m so impressed that you installed it all by yourself! One of these days when I get to replace ours, I’ll be tackling it solo as well! The sink and faucet look great together!

  4. wow! that looks super cool and i love your lighting fixture up there♥

  5. I know this post is about your faucet, but all I can see is that ah-mazing light fixture. L-O-V-E

  6. Nice! We had to replace the old, broken kitchen faucet when we moved in here, and I’m amazed at how fancy they’ve gotten since….umm, maybe 1987 when the one at my old house was probably installed? And go you installing it yourself!

  7. How nice of them to send you a faucet! Moen is great quality – it will last forever. You actually made the installation look simple, but I think I would rather be the person taking the photos. haha!

    1. Yup, it’s totally nice, I agree! And I’d like to switch roles sometimes too 😉

  8. Between my friend laying the tile in her kitchen this week because her husband was sick, and you installing your own faucet… I’m beginning to wonder if I should be changing my own oil or something! lol nicely done!

  9. Yaaaaay! I’m so happy you finally got the fabri. You’ve been looking for! It looks awesome;) love the faucet, too!

  10. Boy what a lucky husband you have. I would have batted my eyelashes and baked mine his favorite dessert in order to persuade him to install this for me. YOU ROCK!! PS- I can’t wait to see the post about that fabric!

  11. Oh Julia, I think we were separated at birth. The picture of you under the sink made me laugh. This is exactly how it is at my house. Was your husband drinking a beer while taking the photos?

  12. I love your faucet! How has it held up over time? Does the hose ever slide out of the neck when you don’t want it to? We bought a similar looking faucet about 8 months ago (not by Moen) and I’m not impressed with its quality :-/ The spigot hose thingy slides out when we turn the water on and off (ugh!), and now it’s leaking. I think that I’m going to have to replace it sometime. I DO really like the pull out hose feature though…so handy for filling up pots if your sink is full!

  13. Great job!! I just installed one too (from social spark) and what a difference! I absolutely love it!

  14. What a beautiful sink and new faucet. Steve put one in at one of his rental houses and I cleaned it for him not terribly long ago and I liked it too. And I see you have a snazzy new valance. I am going to have to replace my faucet…….. it died on me and the company told me it was a lifetime guaranty so they sent me a new one. I am so excited (NOT) to get to do it all over again……. grrrr.

    I do love your sink also, but I really want a large, deep, single one….. since I can always use a tub to hold dish soap and still be able to run the water in the sink to rinse veggies while cooking. I guess you can do this with double, but I prefer larger to clean fridge bins without struggling so much.

  15. It looks great! I love a pull-out sprayer, too. Only the rubber-band trick no longer works with my new faucet. 🙂 You are so handy for doing it yourself!

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  17. Great faucet, Julia! I’m sure your readers will grab their new faucet after reading your blog. Hehe! Kidding aside, the installation is kinda complicated, huh? Good thing you managed to fix this faucet properly. Months have passed now, and I hope you’ve been enjoying your new faucet! 🙂

    Monica Ryan @ VillagePlumbing

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