1. Julia, I am very impressed that you installed that yourself!! NICE!! *high five*
    Also I’m loving the Sharpie lines on the wall, that must have taken you forever! Your new towel ring is the perfect addition.

  2. Love your new fixture and your DIY skills. Is it white white or an off white color?

  3. Major props for installing it on your own! Love the pattern play in your bathroom. Just gorgeous!

  4. Whoa. DIY to the extreme. I assume that toilet installation should be left to the dudes beings they don’t clean them. 😛

  5. What a nice sleek new toilet. That looks so good Julia and I love the brass ring. It looks so good in here!! Such a beautiful powder room!!

  6. Love your fancy potty :). And I’m going to need one of those towel rings for my bathroom, so you’ll need to work on figuring out a way to clone it, please 😉

  7. Love the new towel ring, so cool! Your half bathroom is so pretty! That is one fancy toilet! 🙂

  8. Toilets are like the dudes’ throne. This is so fabulous, gal!! The diy touches are so luxe. LOVE. And that faucet, ahhh.

  9. Cutest bathroom ever. You need to come do mine. It’s super small and need to be gilded!!

  10. this powder room makes me so happy!! the colors and patterns are so perfect 🙂

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