1. holy moly what a talent! gina’s artwork is stunning! and eric, he is such a beautiful and expressive dog! i loved reading about him! and love that he was employee of the month!

    1. I love his name too and I pretty much want everything in Gina’s house.

    1. Right? I so much class and style

  2. Oh YES!! Love her stuff (as you know) and now I love her doggie too. Eric (such a great name) makes me want a greyhound – what a gorgeous little man!! Fabulous feature 🙂 xxx

    1. Yes I love his name. I actually always love having human names for pets. So much better. Gina has style for miles.

  3. there’s actually 2 greyhounds in my neighborhood. I’m AMAZED at how sweet they are. My dog even likes them, and she’s a snob! but i love how you talk about eric — and it just makes it sound like a whole nother person!) hahaha! but it’s nice to know that greyhounds have a place to go after they retire!!! and that they’re really sweet dogs!

    1. We had one too in the neighborhood but he passed away. Everyone loved him and he was the absolute sweetest (huge) dog 😉

  4. Love a happy story about a dog . I am a dog lover. They bring so much happiness and complete a family.

    1. Yes they do complete a family and I wish more people would appreciate that fact or realize that 🙁 right Margaret?

  5. Wow what a gorgeous home and pup! Those pictures of Eric made me giggle, he’s adorable. Gina is amazingly talented, love her art.

    1. Yes, Eric is quite silly

  6. What a way to welcome the series back, Julia! Fabulous! GPA is one of the three charities for which our company’s Take Your Dog to Work Day raises funds. It’s a great organization and these are great dogs! The Julian family is doing a great thing for a great breed. Need any more proof…Eric is it!

    1. I love greyhounds too and they deserve to retire with peace and happiness. I’m glad you enjoyed the post Jayme.

  7. Amber @ Wills Casa says:

    Stunning!! That office tho. Geez! It’s a thing of envy for sure!

    1. Yea I’m totally envious for sure. Such unique style.

  8. All Things Big and Small says:

    OH my goodness! I love greyhounds they have such gentle souls! And oh, my her house and office! When can I move in?


    1. They are gentle souls for sure. I want to move in too 😉

  9. Every bit of this is amazing! The art, the home and especially the pup!

    1. Thank you Summer. I was totally surprised to see so many pages.

  10. A greyhound run! I love it! Eric’s a cutie!

    1. Yes he is, I adore that big nose

  11. Design Chic says:

    What a beautiful dog and love seeing his expressions! I am so happy to find a new to me blogger with an amazing talent…her home is gorgeous!!

    1. Yes she’s pretty amazing and so is Eric.

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