1. i just love jane’s story and her heart! and her products are awesome, too! but those dogs- that story of charlie especially just melted me. who does that to an animal? i am so happy jane was able to give charlie a happy if too short life.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Jane’s story! I love to hear how people step up and show love to others.

    1. I do too and it’s such proof on how everyone can make a difference.

  3. Thank you Julia for delighting your readers with these stories of hope,love and kindness. It is wonderful to know there are others out there who understand that by rescuing and loving an animal, you are made complete. What a wonderful life Jane has given her furbabies!

    1. I so agree. It’s wonderful how she changed the life of strays in her neighborhood.

    1. Yes they are. I showed my neighbor your new foster too. He is so so adorable and looks just like her dog that came on a truck from the south. I wish we could take them all.

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