1. Peace lilies do well in dark spaces! :]

    1. Thanks, this isn’t just a dark space. It’s pitch black and I don’t think anything could survive down there 😉 Faux would probably be the way to go.

  2. cassie @ primitive & proper says:

    your basement looks phenomenal!!!!! and i love all of the images from WM- that rug! swoon!

    1. I’m regretting not getting that rug 😉

  3. Love me some World Market! The lamps look really good in the space and I love that copper bucket.

    1. Thanks so much Whitney!

  4. The basement looks great! I love the old dining room light above the bar.

    1. Thank you. I’m so glad we found another spot for it.

  5. Kathleen Tweed says:

    I’m always amazed by what you do! I have a World Market around me but when I go in I NEVER know what to buy! You have given me several ideas with this blog post! I love your new lights and the cooper pot but my favorite thing is how you moved the old light to the basement – it looks so good there! You are not afraid to change things up! And it’s actually motivating to know you have a mess on the other side of the room! Thank you Julia for all your hard work!

    1. You are always the sweetest Kathleen, thank you. I’ll have to share what the other side looks like.

  6. Looks like you had a great time at the World Market. Your basement is looking great. The new lights really elevates the room to a sophisticated level.

  7. Hmmm, might have to make a World Market run today to see if my local store has that copper bucket and I think my girls need some kinderscokolate. One of my favorite traditions getting it in Germany and now being able to buy it here in the States for my girls makes all of us so happy.

    1. Kinderschokolade is truly the best ever. Hope you get some today 😉

  8. The Cost Plus World Market headquarters are one block away from my apartment, there’s a warehouse across the street from my apartment, and a big store down the street. Come visit! =)

    1. Haha, be careful what you wish for 🙂 I’d love to and I travel in packs.

  9. Very fun! Love your den and all those framed photos, must have been hard to get that all perfectly lined up! I just “met” Cost Plus World Market at Alt Summit in Utah, they were a sponsor. I can’t wait to go to a store and check it out! Loving all the ethnic, woven, worldly looking items!

    1. It wasn’t all that bad to hang them actually. What will be bad is having to do it again after I paint the room finally. Yikes

  10. Debbie Farr says:

    I LOVE all your rooms in your house! Did your husband have them saved, or did you find them somewhere on the web? My daughter is a big football fan and I used to watch games with my Dad so it would be neat to copy your awesome idea. So happy I found you! 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie, yes my husband collected most of them. He had a huge collection and gave the once he didn’t want away a couple of years ago. You can find them at places like Etsy. For example here: http://rstyle.me/n/bhvya94cgn Good luck.

  11. Snake plants do well. Give one a try! Love your animal posts and your love of design. You are definitely my favorite blogger. ???? Enjoy your WorldMarket/CostPlus.

    1. Awww that made my heart swell. Thank you so much. I do have two snake plants in my living room already and was hoping for something taller down in the basement. Love the snake plants though.

  12. I’m so glad you highlighted some of the food items you love! I always look at the food at WM but never know what’s good. Love your finds, that copper bucket is fantastic!

    1. Let me know if your family likes Kinderschokolade. I have never meat someone who didn’t like it.

  13. It looks fantastic! I love those lamps you chose – what a great idea to use one on either side of the sectional! And that copper tub is so good. And your dining room light is PERFECT over the bar!

    Have you seen this faux fiddle leaf fig tree from Z Gallerie? (http://www.zgallerie.com/p-12507-fiddle-leaf-tree.aspx) I want it SOOO badly, even though it’s pretty pricey. But I know I could easily spend that much killing live ones over and over, lol. It’s on my wishlist for sure!

    1. Oh cool I haven’t seen the one at Zgallerie before. They are usually really pricey. They have great ones at Wayfair too. I’m afraid to buy one online and then having it look really really fake. I’d love to see it in person. The huge faux one I have in my bedroom was a store purchase and I knew it looked great. I’ve had it for about 14 years already and still like it. Even though a lot of people hate faux plants.

  14. I’m so sad we didn’t get to spend more time together but that photo of me and the kids has me in stitches! So funny! That is my life, sigh. 🙂 They were so good, but truly, we NEED to get together sans kiddos sometime very soon. Miss you my friend!

    1. Miss you too and we should absolutely get together again soon. Have a great weekend.

  15. ooh, that lamp is fabulous! I might have to get one for my den; we were just looking at floor lamps at Ikea tonight, and nothing excited me.

    1. I looked at the IKEA lamps too but they weren’t really sturdy. I truly feel that this one is much better and looks better too

  16. So I had to go to 3 World Markets, but I finally got that copper bucket. Oddly enough, at one store they told me it was a Thanksgiving item so it would be in the clearance section, maybe that’s why its out of stock online?

    1. I had no idea it was considered a Thanksgiving item. It wasn’t on clearance either. I’m gad you found one though.

  17. Hi Julia: I have a question. Your man cave is beautiful and your lovely crystal dining room light looks perfect above the bar. My question is–where did you get the beautiful white fur throw that is on the ottoman and the pretty white fur area rug under the coffee table? They are so pretty. I did some searching on your site, but couldn’t find any information. I am a fairly new reader of your site and am a big fan. I love your style and your home is just beautiful. Thanks in advance for any information. Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

    1. Hi Marnie and thanks so much! There is actually a slide at the bottom of the post with photos that you can click on of most of the items in the room. You meant the rug under the ottoman? This one: http://rstyle.me/n/bhvxp64cgn ? I love it and it’s super affordable and soft. And here is a throw like the one on top of it http://rstyle.me/n/g4aba4cgn but I actually bought mine at Ikea. They should be very similar though if you don’t have one close to you. I hope that helps.

  18. Brand new to your site and I must say I am obsessed with your style! I first heard about you through your interview on Glitter Guide. If you haven’t already, can you post a tutorial on how to hang all of those pictures so precisely? I’ve never been able to get it to work when I’ve tried.

    1. Oh thanks Jen. I should write about it because I get asked all the time. The trick are the frames because they are so easy to hang. I’ll try to post about it this month. Have a great week.

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