1. cassie @ primitive & proper says:

    i love it- love the green so much more, but i was never a radiant orchid girl. how funny that that was a couple years ago but it doesn’t feel so long ago!

  2. Ahh I do love a bit of olive green! It’s such a lovely soft shade, looks great. I love giving small pieces a little shakeup every once in a while and this desk lends itself so well to that! xxx

    1. Thanks, I felt like it’s perfect for spring.

  3. The change is subtle but very effective. I love the green chosen and it is perfect with the rest of your decor. Inspiring.

  4. Amber @ Wills Casa says:

    I have always loved how you set up the secretary. AND can we just talk about how your styling is on point. It’s so pretty. All the pretty things!! I’ve got a secretary in my bedroom, but I don’t use it. It just feels disconnected with that room. I thought about moving it upstairs, but it seems a little fragile for that!

  5. I’m very slow today; it took me forever to realize you were talking about painting the INSIDE green….I kept squinting at the dresser and thinking it sure looked like stained wood to me ;). At any rate, once I found the green, it looked great! 🙂

    1. You crack me up. Yeah it is definitely an almost non-visible makeover 😉

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