1. what an impressive tour! i was honored to be a part of it- i mean, look at these homes!!!!! and thank you so much for sharing my kitchen! we are now down two jars of applesauce…. i opened one and i gave one to my parents. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It is an impressive lineup of beautiful inspiration. I just love your kitchen so much.

  2. I still need to go through and look at all the tours…..but this is a great sampling–so much inspiration!

    1. Lots and lots of tours!!!

  3. Marci @ Rainbow Nest says:

    I really enjoyed all of the home tours last week. I’m really loving all of the “untraditional” fall styling, the metallics, plaids & fall foliage. Just a hint of fall but not too much. After all this inspiration I need to add some fall to my home.

    1. Have fun decorating for fall ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I love this round up Julia! Thanks so much for including me!

  5. Wow that was a very inspiring round up of the tours, I need to find some time to go back through them again! Gorgeous and creative!

  6. I need to pop around and see those! Especially Fieldstone Hill Design… that room looks gorgeous. I’m loving the unTraditional decorating for Fall this year. I’m not big into buying seasonal things so layers (chunky blankets, candles, etc.) are great to see for a more untraditional view.

    1. I’m not big on seasonal items either. Only Christmas! I just don’t have room to store it all.

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