1. Ah ha ha ha ha ha…. the cat box one. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha. And oh yes I remember him from when we did Hey Girl, big butts are a target, ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    1. How could you forget him with that fabulous hair 😉

  2. You guys are a mess (in a funny, good way!) 🙂 Your roses are absolutely gorgeous… good enough way to celebrate, I’d say!

    1. That made me laugh because it’s so true. We are a mess!

  3. “Phil: You see my style each and every week on the blog, I just don’t like to take away any of Julia’s credit.” HYSTERICAL!!! I loved this. Also, the pictures are priceless 🙂

    1. He says similar stuff like this to everyone who visits our house. It gets quite old LOL He finds himself super funny at times 😉

  4. now i know where your talent for color really comes from… 😉 hahaha!!!! this cracked me up! and i do recall you belching at haven for me… i don’t think it was a tune though so next time i need a tune.

    1. I have to practice first again. I’m rusty!

  5. OH MY GOSH I had to go back and reread to picture Phil Dunphy saying all of this. So good!!!

    1. One of the typical Phil things he does is tripping up and down the stairs. But there are many more. My neighbor even calls him Phil.

    1. No-one will forget my husband with that hair 😉

  6. Oh my god Julia this is hilarious!! And Wayne also tells people when they come over that he actually makes all the design decisions, I just take the credit and glory on my blog!! LOL!! What a pair these two are, I reckon they’d get on well in person 😉 So funny!! xx

    1. I totally think they would 😉 Maybe one of those years we’ll actually get to meet

  7. bahahaha! Please please tell me he’s really getting you a diamond heart shaped pendant! This was hysterical. And you are a total hottie!

    1. Oh hell no. He knows I’d hate it and actually be mad at him for buying and wasting money on it 😉

  8. Patty Day says:

    A Fun Great Post!!!

    1. Thanks Patty! Happy Vday 😉

  9. Oh my gosh, you guys are just too adorable!!! I was cracking up the whole way through!

    1. Oh gosh I think Jennifer’s description matches better. We are a mess LOL

  10. Ursula Ellis says:

    Such a fun blog and what a great looking couple you are. I’m trying to imagine being married to Phil Dunphy…although thinking about it, my husband too has some Dunphyesque qualities – like when I was hefting two melons in the grocery store and he yelled across the aisle “Great melons, Ursula!”

    I so enjoy your blog. Thanks!

    1. Well that is definitely a Phil quote! Have a great weekend.

  11. You two are so cute I can’t stand it. Your husband sounds like mine (not on his answers on my blog) because he is always telling people he did the house. And can we talk about the man cave. Ryan will be so jealous. Great post. Fun to do this today. Have a great weekend, you two. (the heart shaped pendant comment is priceless).

    1. Yeah that heart shaped pendant would get returned but he knows it. Have a great weekend too.

    1. He’s so full of it. Don’t believe a word he says

    1. He hates when I share that photo! His hair dresser actually has it saved in his phone and I’m surprised it has never won a bad hair contest. He thought it was so so cool

    1. Taxes drain my creative thoughts and make me depressed! Good luck with yours

    1. I’m glad people think it’s funny Megan 😉

    1. Don’t believe a word he says. I can’t burp jingle bells but I have done a tune before 😉

  12. Those pictures are GOLD. Also, there’s a beer tap in your house?! I’m coming over.

    1. I wish you could come over. One of those days we have to meet. Happy Hour!!!!

  13. I too was laughing through the whole thing and I answered the questions, lol. The pictures though, seriously.

    1. #colordesignsbyjarrid look at you leaving comments

  14. He DOES kinda look like Phil Dunphy. That’s too cute. Y’all are funny…you’re going in my favorites!

  15. Hahaha! I love it. And I’m pretty sure I’ll laugh at those hair photos for the rest of forever any time I see them!!!

  16. Ha ha I just read this! It’s hilarious!!!

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