1. lilly looks so happy and beautiful! and my husband does stuff like that, too. i have a funny story to tell you about ceiling fan installation this weekend! haha.

    1. I can’t wait to hear the story.

    1. In this case it couldn’t be reenacted 🙁

  2. You need to get this for the hubs. I bought a set for myself after being diagnosed with sleep apnea. I tried the cpap machine for the testing and it was horrible. Then I had a mouth guard from the dentist, but it messed up my bite. I stumbled across this site researching other options and I’m happy to say it really works. It takes a few days getting used to it, but then it becomes 2nd nature. https://goodmorningsnoresolution.com/buy-stop-snoring-mouthpiece

    1. He already has a mouthpiece for grinding his teeth. And when it comes to snoring he isn’t even willing to make it better. He says he sleeps well and if I have a problem that’s mine to deal with pretty much. Nice right?

  3. Too funny, too bad there’s no video evidence that would have made great entertainment for years to come. We just got a new hybrid mattress( micro coils base and a latex foam top) because I could not do the memory foam(I sleep hot too.) I love it but we seriously considered going full latex. They feel so nice!

    1. Video evidence would truly be nice.

  4. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Beautiful Lilly! And I want a new mattress also. I will remember this one! Also beautiful kitty.

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