1. Perfect choice! Love how it just adds a bit of texture but doesn’t compete with everything else. Also, we have the exact same rug (and have had it for 2 + years). It has held up beautifully!

  2. I love that rug! I think I’ve looked at it before, even. Sadly, I don’t think I can do anything that light colored again (I’ve decided, after living with the rug in my library).

  3. it is gorgeous. I only wish it were a little more plush.. or is it? because the rug we have now is really thin, and it’s not comfortable to lay on cuz i’m always playing with our pup. so i know we want something thicker. i really love the graphic and how it gives the look of a couple of other shapes!

    1. ok so not plush, but is it thick? like what is the thickness of the rug?

  4. Perfection, Julia!! Love the texture, and it’s subtle, but still interesting! I totally choose our rugs around what works with our pets, too! 🙂

  5. Julia, the rug is beautiful. I have 3 cats who would love to sharpen their claws on a tightly woven rug like this one. How do you avoid this?

    1. I guess you can avoid it but mine like the rug next to this one better and they are using that one for claw sharpening.

  6. Completely love the graphic pattern the rug! Your living room is gorgeous!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  7. That is absolutely beautiful. I love that pattern. I also have that pouf, but B has been sitting on it a lot, so it is all sunken in now. I guess I need to find a way to re-fill it somehow, but back to your living room. I LOVE it. That pattern goes so well with everything else in your room. It is so beautiful Julia!!

  8. This rug rocks and I love your living room as always! I’m loving the subtle pattern!!

  9. Very nice! Great subtle pattern! You will be able to change things out all the time….perfect.

  10. I love it! It’s perfect – the pattern is subtle but not too subtle and it’s gorgeous! And yes, we cat lovers HAVE to consider the ease of cleaning up cat vomit… it’s a way of life! (P.S. My favorite cleaner is the Resolve spray foam for pets – works wonders!)

  11. I love everything about this room.. The mirror over the sofa is to die for. Excellent choice on the rug!

  12. Looks so great! I love the rug! It reminds me of the West Elm rug.. the jute/cotton one is a similar zig zag pattern.

  13. This rug is a pattern/colour that I would choose-so subtle….

  14. Shavonda@AHomeFullOfColor says:

    So so beautiful. Its the perfect addition Julia. I love it. The pattern is subtle, but still make a statement:)

  15. I really liked the rug before but I get what you mean when the pattern gets to be too much, I love your new rug so much, in fact I tried to order it this morning, because they were having a 75% off sale but unfortunately it’s sold out, so I’m jealous! It looks great!!

  16. Gorgeous room and a beautiful rug! I love the pillows on your sofa too. That green is the perfect shade.

  17. What is the name of the paint color on the wall? It’s a gorgeous neutral gray and I love it/must have it!

  18. Good Lord Julia the living looks ah-mazing!! It’s the perfect mix of color, pattern, and texture. Seriously come over and finish the rest of the house for me.

  19. I love it Julia! It makes your living room look totally different, so light and airy too! I also really like that the pattern is subtle so you can mix it up. I’ve been thinking about changing out our jute rug in the living room. I love the color and texture, but the constant shedding drives me crazy!

  20. aussiebeachgirl says:

    Julia, some serious rug-love going on here! It’s just awesome and a great fit for your lounge room. mwah heather x

    1. Thanks so much Heather

  21. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I love your new rug.

  22. where did you get the animal print pillows? Do you know who makes that fabric? The room is gorgeous 🙂

    1. The leopard print pillows are from H&M home. You can order them online. Good luck! And thank you

  23. Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz says:

    I LOVE that texture! It looks so great in the room

  24. V, Dawson says:


    Where did you get the coffee table and the high-backed chair with matching ottoman? I’m looking for a replacement coffee table after several years of wood and glass.



    1. Hi V., the coffee table was from a local thrift store for $25. I got really lucky and the chair is the Strandmon chair and ottoman from Ikea. Hope that helps.

  25. I love this rug and what you have done with this room! Just curious if you got the rug pad too?

    1. Thanks Mariah, I just used my old rug pad.

  26. Where is that pouf from?! Xo

    1. Hi Paige, it’s from Target, Nate Berkus for Target last year. Unfortunately they don’t have it anymore.

  27. I am thinking of purchasing that rug and wanted to know is the contrasting color in it black? I have a dark gray sofa and wonder if I should go with the ivory or the grey. Thanks so much, love the room!

    1. Hi Tanna, sorry for the delayed response we were away for the weekend. Yes, the contrasting color is black. It’s ivory and black. Hope that helps.

      1. Thank you for the response! Although the lighter color I’m wondering since it’s got the dark contrasting color and subtle pattern how it will hold up with the wear and tear of 3 kids, what do you think ?

        1. So far I had no problems and I have 4 cats with claws and two kids. And I even spilled red wine on it already but got it all out. No complaints in my department yet.

  28. Where did you get the mirror/art work over your sofa? I LOVE it! I am looking for a unique piece of art to put over my sofa and I am having the hardest time.

  29. This living room is to die for! Perfection!! Is your sofa the Chloe Velvet Tufted Sofa from Macy’s? If so, is the color ivory or stone? Thanks!

    1. Thanks so much Kelsey. The sofa is the leather version of the Chloe sofa which is called the Claudia sofa and it is the ivory color. Good eye and I’m glad you like it!

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE the white pedestal end table! Where did you get it?

  31. Hiii! I LOVE this rug. It’s the perfect look I want for our den. However… We have a 4 month old and this is going to be our play/hang out room. I’m concerned it’s not soft enough for all the playing and soon crawling that is about to commence. What is your opinion?? Soft enough for infant play??

  32. Good Morning!
    I am looking at this rug for our apartment’s living room. I love the ivory color but worried how it will hold up in a high traffic area. How did yours hold up? Should I go for the gray instead?
    Thank you so much~

    1. Mine held up great and I’ve had it for a long time now. Hope that helps

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