How to make a wool and yarn macrame leaf

Find out how easy it is to make this gorgeous macrame leaf with thick wool, macrame yarn, and wood beads. Perfect for decor, purse charm, or wedding favor.

• macrame yarn • thick wool  • hair comb • sharp scissors • small swivel hook  • wood beads

Supplies needed:

Attache yarn to swivel hook

For this macrame leaf, you only need two simple macrame knots which are a Lark's Head Knot and Diagonal Clove Hitch Knots.


Create diamond shape

When creating a diamond shape with the Diagonal Close Hitch Knots you can thread a wood bead onto the two center strands.


Continue with the pattern

If you don’t want to use wood beads for the center part, then you can just knot the strands into a square knot.


Add the thick wool

The thick wool gets attached to the outside of the macrame structure with more Lark’s Head Knots all the way around the macrame middle.


Trim the wool ends

Trim the thick wool into a leaf shape with sharp scissors. The shape is entirely up to you.


If you like having unique purse charms, fashion accessories, or wall hangings then this stylish macrame leaf tutorial is for you. Get the full easy tutorial below.