How to turn an old stove into a custom high-end colored stove

Here are some of my inspirations. A lot of them have mixed metallics which I think looks fabulous.

I now wish I had a stainless steel top as well but since my gas range is all white, I had to compromise and be ok with not having mixed metallics.

+ add unique appliance  + add color by using high-heat resistant car vinyl + buy upgraded parts like knobs  + search for additional parts options like griddles + update the burners if they look old and overused

Materials and Tools needed:

My first step was to try out ways to make new handles since the old ones were boring and hardware for sale is just way too expensive and doesn’t match up with the existing holes.


Before I started the makeover, I tested out my custom hardware on the oven drawer.


The car vinyl wrapping part is the same procedure that I explain in my colored appliance tutorial where I wrapped my dishwasher.


I slightly slid the oven out so I could wrap part of the sides too.


After I finished wrapping my mostly glass oven door, it burst into a million tiny little glass pieces.

The glass pieces stuck to the vinyl and thankfully I only had to clean up the middle section. So depending on your style of gas stove (or electric), you have to be super careful.

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