How to make yarn tassels with a unique twist

Find out how to make yarn tassels with a quilting square and embroidery yarn detail. They are unique and easy to make!

• embroidery thread • quilting squares • yarn • scissors • needle

Supplies needed to make yarn tassels:

Form the tassel body

Wrap a bunch of yarn around a piece of cardboard and tie it off in the center with another piece of yarn.


Tie off tassel head

Use another scrap piece of yarn to tie off the tassel top and then trim the bottom of the tassel to desired length.


Wrap tassel head

Use a piece quilting square fabric and wrap it around the head of your yarn tassel.


Add decorative stitching

Use a large needle and some embroidery floss to add decorative stitching to the bottom of the quilting fabric.


Sew yarn tassel head

Use embroidery floss again to add some colorful detail to the top of the yarn tassel head with the needle.


The possibilities with color combinations are endless for these cute yarn tassels. Come see the full tutorial on my blog.