How to make long narrow wall art using combed macrame yarn and embroidery floss

I created a long narrow wall art tassel for an odd skinny wall that has looked empty for way too long. You can use this technique to create different pieces with varying widths and lengths.

– macrame yarn  – colored or plain embroidery floss of your choosing – sharp scissors – hair clips – fabric stiffener  – styrofoam balls – skewer or drill bit  – comb – brush – wood ring

Materials and Tools needed:

Start by opening the macrame yarn ends (for the one piece of long narrow wall art tassel, I used 12 8-foot strands of 4mm macrame yarn that I unraveled).


I like running my fingers through it fast to unravel it all but you have to make sure that the ends don’t just curl back together and tangle again.


Now it is time to dip your macrame yarn into the fabric stiffener, this step isn’t a necessity but I find it so much easier to brush/comb the yarn when it is long and has been dipped and dried with fabric stiffener.


I place my finger over the opening firmly when I pull out the yarn strand in order to squeeze out any excess fabric stiffener liquid.


After that, I hang the wet strands of macrame yarn over a shower curtain rod and let them dry.


Now it is time to start combing the macrame yarn strands.


My favorite tool is to use this fur brush.


The combed strands stay nicely in place with hair clips as you can see.


Simply fold the yarn in half over the ring or the rod.


Keep brushing and adding all the strands to it.


I cut another piece of macrame yarn the exact same length as the combed yarn strands (I used 8′) and folded it in half.


Use a small unraveled piece of macrame yarn to tie the bunch of yarn together. Keep wrapping the embroidery floss tightly around the macrame yarn bunch.


Trim those pieces as close as possible to the wrapped embroidery floss. Now you add additional colors of embroidery floss.


Here are the measurements for the combination of yarn, foam balls, and embroidery floss colors that I used for my long narrow wall art tassel.

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