How to make a paper moth for unique fall or Halloween decor

In this easy paper moth tutorial, I'm showing you how I made several paper moths on clips as unique seasonal decor and I'm including four moth templates for you.

• alligator clips • hot glue • black paper • Elmer's spray adhesive • scissors • moth shapes (below) • grasses

Supplies needed:

Print and cut out moth

Print the moth shapes on regular printer paper and cut them out with scissors.


Glue moth shapes on black cardstock

Use spray adhesive to glue the cut out moth shapes onto black cardstock and then cut them out again.


Bend moth in half

Use your hands to slightly bend the paper moth in half making sure to not crease the paper.


Glue moth to metal clip

Glue the center of the moth shape to an alligator clip using a thick line of hot glue.


Add natural elements 

Use natural elements such as dried grasses glued onto the center of the paper moth with hot glue.


Add the different paper moths to your home decor for a unique seasonal look. Come see the full tutorial and to get the free paper moth temples below.