How to make a macrame bat wall hanging

Learn how to make a cute macrame bat wall hanging for Halloween with this easy-to-follow tutorial that only requires some basic knots.

• black macrame cord • scissors • stick or dowel rod • two beads • measuring tape • duct tape

Supplies needed:

Knot the macrame bat ears

Use simple knots looped onto a string to knot the two bat ears hanging from a string on a stick.


Create the bat face

Use wooden beads and simple macrame Square Knots to form the bats face under the ears.


Form the macrame bat wings

For the bat's wings knot 4 macrame v-shapes with webs in the center using Diagonal Clove Hitch Knots


Finish the bat's body

Attach the wings to the Square Knot body of the macrame bat. And then tie off the bottom with an extra cord.


Paint the bat eyes

Use a black Sharpie and some white craft paint to finish the eyes of the macrame bat.


This cute little macrame bat is the perfect Halloween craft project and only took me 40 minutes. Check out the blog post for more details.