How to make a huge tassel

One of my most popular images of all times is the powder room and believe it or not it’s partially due to that huge tassel hanging on the door.

- big needle - mop head - thick twine - thin twine - twine with big hole in center - upholstery thread - sharp, heavy-duty scissors - small hair rubber bands or something similar - possibly one or two big wood - - beads - miter saw

Materials and Tools needed:

I started with the first mop head by taking the sewed middle part out which then left same length cords.


Then I took the thread ball with the big hole in it and stuffed the mop head cords through the center.


Here you can see all the cords running through the center.


I then picked two strands out of the center at side that will end up being the bottom of the tassel.


I tied those two strands to the tight twine.


This is so you can hang it all like.


I also chose to unthread the mop threads to give it all more volume.


In this next step is where the paint roller comes in place. I only wanted a smaller piece so I cut it off with a standard miter saw.


Then I took that piece of paint roller and threaded it onto the center of the tassel threads.


I then straightened, tightened and tied the mop head yarn around the ball and paint roller center with the thicker twine.


Then I took the heavy duty sharp pair of scissors to cut the mop in half the way.


Next I used the upholstery thread and curved needled to sew the mop edges together.


I then wrapped the sewn together mop head pieces around the bottom of the tassel head.


Sew the edges together to make the fit tight.


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