Giant leather tassel made from old sofa

I used my old sofa for this leather tassel tutorial. Hey, why not right? It’s better than just throwing the entire thing out.

If you don’t have an old sofa sitting around, then you can use various other items from the thrift shop or leather/faux-leather from any craft or fabric store.

– leather scraps – crazy glue – sharp scissors – craft knife – ruler – cutting mat – wood beads

Materials and Tools needed:

I cut up a large strip of it in 66″ long x 12″ tall, marked the top part which was 3.5 inches and then started to cut the strips.


I had a smaller one that I cut with a really sharp pair of scissors but then noticed that it was much quicker to cut the large strip with a craft knife and a metal ruler.


The idea of the how the tassel gets put together is to roll is at tightly as possible as you can.


But you need to insert the loop that will hang the tassel first.


I used a glue because it worked quickly and didn’t get lumpy like hot glue tends to get if you don’t work fast. But you can use either.


I used some of the other vintage wood beads I had bought on Etsy.


At the end I glued a smaller fringed piece around it and then some black strips I had in my closet to the top and bottom tightly.


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