How to make a fancy large stacked tassel?

Find out how to make a fancy tassel called a stacked tassel or layered tassel. It is so easy to make and looks so cute as an accessory!

• embroidery thread  • sharp scissors  • big upholstery needle • pretty key holder  • hair comb

Materials and tools needed:

Create tassel body

Unravel the strands of embroidery floss, fold in half, and tie them off in the center


Trim the tassel

Use a sharp pair of scissors to trim the bottom of the tassel to your desired length.


Tie off tassel head

Tie off the tassel head, comb the thread, and then cut the ends to the same length.


Make more tassels

Make several tassels in whatever colors you would like to stack. Before you begin stacking the tassels, line them up all by shades of color.


Stack the tassels

The top strings go through the center of the next tassel with the help of an upholstery needle and tie them at the top. Keep going until all tassels are stacked.


You can make this type of tassel in different sizes and it's perfect as a home decor or fashion accessory. Check out the full tutorial.